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This... I'm sorry but her being gay doesn't matter. She still broke the law... *shrugs*

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How long do you think it'll be before an episode of "World's Dumbest" is made just for this particular incident..?

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Dear Metro - if you need more money for your system, then take a page from Business 101:

CHARGE MORE MONEY. Quit trying to put the burden on those who don't USE the service. *I* pay for it when I use it.. if you need more money, CHARGE ME MORE for the ride. It's STILL better than driving my car everywhere!

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"Does anyone actually wear animal skins anymore? "

For motorcyclists NOTHING is better than riding leathers with Kevlar joints. The synthetics might last a bit longer during a slide, but the heat transfer thru them cooks you as you slide..

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No he really WAS a wood carver and artist with a considerable reputation for good work in the Seattle area.

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Hey I'm not saying his being shot isn't a tragedy. It totally is. And my heart goes out to his family as well.

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"a gap the agency fears could be exploited by terrorists and drug traffickers."

Well, it certainly will be now that it's in the news!!! O_O

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It's also completely accurate. In another interview when Mr. Soros was asked if he felt guilty for helping send so many of his fellow jews to death camps he said; "No, it was like any other market situation, I just had the advantage".

There's a special place in hell for that sick bastard.

You can't defend someone like Soros.. he's as sick as they come.

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The city spent 14 thousand dollars on BOWLING BALLS. I could have done this for FAR less money... 2 grand, tops!

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Now THAT is what *I* call "butt floss"!!!!