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The world does not speak HFS just yet...

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This is utterly annoying. If all Apple gadgets are chained to iTunes, the least Apple should do is make sure it works. I haven't updated my iPhone for weeks now because there is no way -not that I know at least- to load my music on it. I would probably be death by the end of the uploading process. Apple I'm a big fan of yours, but sometimes you just disappoint me.

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Yeah, I own a 3G and got this new i4 already on ios 4.1. I always check this website before doing any thing but in this case my phone was already on BB 02.10.04... be careful with what you say if you are not 100% sure please,

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You guys got my support, I'm eager for the iPhone 4 02.10.04 unlock... When I bought it, it was already on that BB, I've been checking this site almost every day. Now that the ios 4.2 is out, I know you guys will manage to pull it off!

thanks in advance,

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Thanks Decagon, I appreciate you answering all my questions. Thanks a lot.

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BTW, isn't Snowbreeze a sort of Pwnagetool for windows? I've read that it also allows for BB preservation, right? is it reliable?


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I've got some bad experiences in the past with virtual comptuers accessing the physical ports for the real OS did not let go of them.. but yes, I'll keep this in mind. Thanks a lot BayJacket :)

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Hi there,

yes I can actually borrow one from one cousin, that shouldn't be a problem. What bothers me is that if I need to rejailbreak for some reason I'm gonna be stuck unless I don't go and borrow it again. But yes, I could sort of arrange that...

Thanks for your replay. As for Apple shop, hehe, that could be a little weird but sounds funny :)


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Right, got it. I prefer to keep away from downloading custom firmwares and only I person I know has a Mac computer so I'm rather stuck.

Mshili, I appreciate your offering but I guess I'm going to wait until pawnage tool is backported to windows (is there any chance at all?)

Thanks to everyone from a miserable windows user :(

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this is so weird... I don't get that frankly...

What if I don't own a Mac? I'm stuck I guess... may have to start looking into blackra1n?