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Please Dear Lord, can you help to remove this incompetent blusterer from the White House as soon as possible? He has become a caricature of himself, truly "The Cardboard Candidate." Perhaps you can find a position for him somewhere as a public speaker--preferably where he can do no harm.

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Quite simply, a superb analysis of this dreadful administration. I cannot recall any previous individual who sat in the White House who exemplified more hypocrisy and more of a willingness to ignore the American people. Ah, his campaign brought the naive masses to tears, they ignored his empty past as well as his opaque rhetoric--he would be "The Great Uniter." And so, a mere day or two before the November elections he went on national media and spoke to the Hispanics of America, urging them to "get out there and Punish your Enemies." Their "enemies." This administration has been an enemy of America from day one and Americans soon will not be singing God Bless America, but God Help America.

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I never thought I would see the day, especially after 9/11, when a Muslim president would spend so much energy trying to polish the image of Islam, while showing the most despicable hostility towards his own nation and numerous former allies of our nation. How this incompetent ideological fool ever wound up in the White House should be a classic text of how the emotional blindness of Americans at a needy time resulted in attributing aspects of saintliness to this man. In a flash, millions of those who supported him with their time, energy, money were kicking themselves for their stupidity at being manipulated. This is the first sense I have had as an American that I simply "have no government" right now. Islam is in DIRECT confrontation with our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. Death is the cure of Sharia law for those Muslims who convert to another religion; or choose of their own free will to even LEAVE Islam. And the whacky "clerics" of this bogus "faith" are endorsed by Islam to essentially act as Mafia bosses--they can and regularly DO call for the death of anyone who is deemed to be "A Threat To Islam." Which is anyone with too strong a criticism. The U.S. should rescind the right of Islam to receive tax-free institutional status, as it is a violent and supremacist ideology. Muslim immigration should be suspended until such time that certain reforms are made by Islamic regimes, thus putting pressure on the elite of these societies who love sending their children to American universities. While Israel is forced to be subjected to Islamic propaganda of being some kind of "apartheid" nation, TRUE apartheid (both political and sexual) exists in a slew of Islamic lands. Jews are barred from even entering Saudi Arabia, Abu Dubai. An Egyptian man and his entire family were recently sentenced to death in Egypt because he converted to Christianity. The Egyptian courts had forbid him the right to convert. THIS is the face of Islam that YOU LOVE, Obama. Ironically, it is MUSLIMS themselves who are the major victims of their tribe, with way in excess of 16,000 people murdered by Islamic Terror since 9/11 alone. Turn to any news source tomorrow or the day after and you can get a new, improved body count. Where is John Bolton when we need him????????????????????????????????????

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You are absolutely correct. It is not only depressing but it is a danger to America that the masses of Americans STILL think of "Islam" as "just another religion." It follows from this that people like Terry Jones are shallowly looked at as bigots. Like Geert Wilders, I do not have a problem with individual Muslims. It is Islam itself that I despise and I despise it because it is not just a religion but with Sharia Law embedded in it is a Totalitarian and Fascist ideology. Imagine for a moment a Priest, a Rabbi and a Minister. Imagine, for a moment, each one of these faiths having a LAW that if you CONVERT from any of these faiths, you can be put to death. Imagine next that if you even DECIDE to leave, you can also be put to death, branded as "an apostate." Now imagine that in the role of leader of each of these faiths, you are SANCTIONED by your religion to call for the death of "anyone who is a Threat to Catholicism, Judaism or Protestantism. In Egypt now, a man and his entire family have been sentenced to death because he converted to Christianity. He was denied permission from the Courts of Egypt to convert. Meanwhile, Obama bows to the King of Saudi Arabia: No Jews allowed, No Bibles allowed, No Churches or Synagogues allowed, no other religion but Strict Islam allowed. Periodic executions of homosexuals. And...even "Muslim Only" roads. Not long ago, Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. What a message he sent in that, instead of standing up for Democracy, Freedom of Conscience. I cannot imagine Ronald Reagan bowing in a similar circumstance. Why has Obama forbid his entire staff from using the term "Islamic Terrorist?" Why is he trying to SANITIZE what is absolutely abominable???

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I urge readers here to check out what is happening in Paris right now. It appears that the critical mass necessary for demonstrating its ability to take over parts of Paris has hit the Muslim population there. They are breaking French law by holding mass Islamic prayers in the street as a show of force and controlling the population within the area, with police failing to enforce French law. This has fueled a movement of French counter-demonstrations featuring pork and will get hotter and hotter there. The link and secret video (the maker was threatened with death--what's new with islam?) is at

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It is insane to permit Islam to operate as "just another religion" in the U.S. Islam should be FORBIDDEN as a violent ideology on the grounds that it violates the U.S. Constitution 1) Giving ANY tax breaks to this Totalitarian ideology which seeks to eventually destroy America is pure suicide. What the courts should focus on are the tenets of Islam that run 180 degrees in opposition to the U.S. Constitution. So called "clerics" are SANCTIONED by Islam to call for the death of ANYONE deemed to be "a threat to Islam." Fatwas (the equivalent of Islamo-Mafioso calls for contract murder) are issued, inciting Muslim members from around the world to kill the targeted individual. Thus, we have had Salman Rushdie, a world class author, hiding out for years in fear. FIVE years after his wonderful cartoon of an Eastern man with a bomb lit in his turban, Westergaard, the sweet older Danish cartoonist is STILL targeted for death. Just this past year Danish police arrested an individual trying to break into his home with an axe. 2) Converting to any other religion can mark you for DEATH. Right now, the Courts of Egypt have condemned a man and his entire family to death for the crime of converting to Christianity. He was denied permission to convert. 3) Even leaving Islam can mark you for death, as you are then branded "an apostate." In short, Islam is a fascist ideology that should be seen as such--this is not Buddhism.
It masquerades as a "religion" to achieve its is a violent, expansionist socio-political ideology that is ultimately lethal.

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Yes, Bolton would be an INCREDIBLE choice. Extremely bright, extremely pragmatic and intuitive. He has the ability to cut through the garbage of political correctness to WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE. I recall an interview he gave to Israelis earlier this past year, lamenting the fact that Obama had essentially given Ahmadinejad a green light to race to a nuclear arsenal. He said, in short, that he would give Iran say, two months to come clean on its nuclear activities or face military intervention. He pointed out there had been a decade of useless sanctions issued with Iran. Bolton is almost at the other end of the spectrum from Obama's obsessive ideological approach to every event. He is exactly the kind of individual who is required for America. As for the Arabs, I don't hear Obama lamenting that the Arab bloc of the U.N. has consistently prevented sui-Homicide Bombing (there is no such thing as a mere "Suicide" Bombing) from being declared "A Crime Against Humanity" by the U.N. Yet he is still attempting to polish the image of that Totalitarian ideology known as Islam.

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Re: JOHN BOLTON: I have come across several articles and interviews with John Bolton over just the past week. Many people are urging Bolton to run for the Presidency. God knows we need someone like him. I personally think he would be an extraordinary candidate, the right person for one of the most dangerous times. Has anyone else been reading these floaters?????

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I have always seen Obama as a very angry individual. Some more examples of his "racism"--1) Forbids his staff from using the accurate terms "Islamic Terror." Islam, if it is to have its image polished, must not be associated with acts of horrific terror. 2) Immediately trashes Arizona's Immigration Bill, commenting that "now we're gonna have some grandma who goes out for an ice cream being harassed." He IGNORED the fact that Arizona's legal advisers helped to draft this law, which specifically outlawed racial profiling/harassment without just cause. It also TOTALLY denigrated any respect for the any of Arizona's law enforcement departments or agents, insinuating they would automatically be racist. I thought Obama was trained in law--didn't he know when to keep his mouth shut? 3) He issues Israel a RACIST demand that Israel forbid their Jewish citizens in E. Jerusalem from building in their very own CAPITAL. This despite having a valid building permit (which permits EVERY citizens to build anywhere) and despite the Jews having lived in the city for centuries and centuries. How about France "demanding" that Roman Catholics cease to build in Washington, D.C?" Jordan militarily occupied E. Jerusalem from 1948 until the 6-day war of '67. Jordan kicked out ALL Jews and trashed every Jewish house of worship. Apparently, 62 years of Arab "occupation" trumps thousands of years of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the Jewish people. 4) Obama opened his big mouth IMMEDIATELY again when the black Harvard historian Henry Louis Gates was arrested on suspicion of burglary in his home area. The policeman who questioned him was abused and found Gates uncooperative. Rather than letting the police department handle things, Obama poisoned the black-white relations of the nation by screaming racism (without any knowledge really of what was had occurred). Again--he inflicted his OWN hypersensitivity on the public, while attempting to ingratiate himself with blacks. His anti-Arizona stance was an attempt for Hispanic votes, I believe. Ah, but who cares about 20 million undocumented illegal immigrants, right????!!!

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Never in my life did I think I would witness a radical regime taking over Washington and waging war on the American people. We now have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of Americans who voted this regime into power who are kicking themselves and wondering how they ever could make such a fatal mistake like this. Again and again and again, edicts that run 180 degrees in the OPPOSITE direction of Americans are handed down. Whether it is taking the citizens to court in Arizona for having the audacity to basically rewrite the Federal Immigration Law with one different caveat (i.e. to actually demand the enforcement that has not been carried out), to Pseudo-Health Care, to thrashing Israel and attempting to forbid that nation's citizens from building homes in their VERY OWN CAPITAL, to endorsing a Mega-Mosque while knowing that the main individual behind it is a Hamas supporter and that those proposing this Monument to Islamic Slaughter as their trophy refused Bloomberg's request not to build it at this location, Americans KNOW in their heart of hearts that THIS IS A GOVERNMENT OPPOSED TO THE PEOPLE at virtually EVERY turn. Forbidding his staff from using the phrase "Islamic Terrorist..." good grief. I see ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this man's actions that speak of any genuine love or respect for America. What I sense is an extremely angry man acting out his get-even strategy. As whacky as this comes across, it is what I feel about him.