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I guess ernie, I was just saying if conservatives would have allowed George Bush to put Harriet Myers on the the Supreme Court, she would have voted against Obamacare. It's pretty simple. You demand perfection, you will never get it.

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Hey, conservatives got Roberts, doesn't anyone remember Harriet Myers?

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Hey boys, keep going for your thrifty working class. You know as a liberal I'm tired of my retirement money being spent by the corporations that give it to Republicans, we should stop that stealing, don't you think.

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Your posting title which is an antonym is telling.

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I have a nice house, large on two acres, I would be willing to bet that Obama wins the next election with my house. I imagine that most readers of this site live with their parents but anyone who has another large house, let's have a go at it.

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Actually the only person to shrink government was Al Gore. It grew under Reagan and Bush. Clinton gave Gore the job of shrinking government and he did it. Only time. Way to go Gore.

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I thought conservatives didn't talk about race?

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I keep hearing from conservatives that socialism has always failed economically?

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Size does matter. Meet the Press got it's worst ratings in 18 years last week, however it was still #1 with 2,420,000 viewers(it goes above 4 million when Rachel Maddow is on), Face the Nation was #2 with 2,280,000, ABC's this week was #3 with 1,950,000. Your adorable Fox News Sunday had under a million with 980,000. No wonder you dislike big journalism, your favorite network viewers are so small, in number. You boys better man up.

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Gosh Dr. Laura, all you people are so decent it makes my heart flutter. It gives me hope that Freedom of Religion is now up for a vote. Can we start taxing all the Baptists?