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Definitely do what you can now. Then find some one in your support circle who will help you do everything else when the time comes. Newborns sleep alot - so you'll have some time to do things. But do keep in mind not too push yourself too far after he's been born - you'll need alot of sleep too!

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Tsk. Tsk - I forgot to mention that you let Ben pick his nose. You are a horrible mother. (I couldn't even keep a straight face while I typed that) Seriously, those WOMEN can not possibly have children of their own. Monkey is 16 months old, and has never seen any one pick their nose, yet she does it. It's what kids do.

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Are you sure that you're reading the same blog that you just commented on? I think you may be confused.

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Am I the only person that noticed she doesn't seem to know the difference between WOMAN and WOMEN? As a "feminist" surely, she should know the difference? Either way, she was way off base. The things you are NOT are: weak, stupid, or a victim.

I found your blog - though I can't quite remember how, and was inspired to start my own. Your blog is the first I check when I do my nightly "reading" - because I can always find something that is either entirely inspiring or amusing (sometimes both, all in the same post! double score!).

So, Screw her.

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I congratulated you on Twitter - but CONGRATS again!
I didn't comment on the WeTV piece, but I definitely think that if the cards were that accurate to begin with, then there's a possibility that they're right again.

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I actually do have a box of kleenex on my desk, hahaha. It was just absolutely a GREAT post. It was a good cry though, so no worries!!

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You just made me cry! It was a good cry though. I read the other post and cried some more. At the risk of sounding incredibly repetitive - You are so awesome and creative!!!!

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Wow. Amazing response to this post. I can't wait to hear more about Isabelle - I'd love to share some of my experience with her - I'm in sort of a similar situation with Monkey's donor. I knew who he was, but he had changed (obviously, not enough - seeing as how I'm in the situation I'm in now). Anyway - let me know if she'd like the advice/info/experience.

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Alaina - there's so much I want to say on this topic - I just don't know how or where to begin. I live in one of those "wrong" areas of my city, but only because my finances force me to. Don't get me wrong, I do all I can to make sure that I can eventually get Monkey and I out of the situation. I just wish that more people had the sense that you do to realize that not every one was born into the same circumstances and occasionally one truly can not help their circumstances

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I love the new look! And Ben really is a little stud muffin.... I just wanna squeeze him every time I see a picture!