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Journalists don't have to tell the truth anymore. As long as they are subsidized by their corporate owners, to not bite the hand that feeds them, we will be hard pressed to get any truth and honor from the main stream media and their leftist journalists. Wall Street owns the news organs and whatever Wall Street says is news, that is what will be broadcast. CBS used to be owned by Westinghouse; NBC is owned by General Electric; ABC is owned by Disney Corp; CNN is owned Time-Warner TBS-AOL

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The only jobs Progressive-leftist-statists care about are the ones that create and expand government control over the economy, i.e. The Post Office, where Congress can vote to keep borrowing money for the budget to pay for the red ink they have gotten into. Getting people to work for the government also guarantees most will vote for their pay check. Private sector jobs are bad for the government that wants to hide their corruption and failures.

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Well people this is a direct result of giving a few people (politicians) unrestricted power to act independently of the will of the people. And the crazies that Obama put in charge are given extra-Constitutional powers (Homeland Security, EPA, Justice, FCC, etc.) to act on his behalf.

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Nothing will happen to Holder. He is needed too much by the progressives for the Obama reelection; to play goalie and to run interference for the Get the Vote Out and ACORN voting efforts.

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Wait, isn't Chicago where Obama worked as a community organizer with education reform as one of his emphasis? Oh, sorry, my bad. It was Bush's fault! /sarcasm is off.

The state of education in Chicago should have disqualified Obama to run for any office higher than traffic light director. But like the "acheivements" of Clinton, as governor of Arkansas, it didn't matter to most of their supporters. There was/is absolutley no acceptable qualification these two had which would allow any reasonable person to select them for the highest mortal office on earth, and yet "The People" didn't seem to care. But we all know, with Obama, it was all about race. Even to this day people (specifically whites i.e. Senators and Congress People) are afraid to criticize him overtly because, as it is well documented, to do so incurs the accusation, from the irrational liberal class, of being called 'A RACIST'! Even if it isn't true, the Obama owned media proceeds to crucify that person, with the reult of giving Obama a free ride to do what ever he wants and destroying another of his "enemies".

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Right he is saying Obama needs to tell "us" what his plans are to fix the economy and reform Obamacare, etc. But while saying it Matthews is also figuring out that there is no plan and there never was, it's all about power and taking America where she never has gone, socialism and submission to the NWO. Matthews is like HAL9000, learning as he goes.

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No only rats are left on the ship Herr_Jackal. Play the race card, let me guess you're a black muslim, too easy.

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Doesn't anyone else see the danger of Obama? "I hear stories...He doesn't call...he doesn't like their company." Obama thinks he is an Emporer. His training came from the street fighting politics of Chicago. You do not back down and you do not compromise. You just push and smash into your opponents and if they don't back down you take to the streets and smash windows and burn buildings. I grew up in 1966 Watts and I saw it first hand. If you don't get your way or if you don't like the leadership, you riot. Obama is setting the stage for the Summer of 2012, if it doesn't start in Spring. If we have an election in November remember what it's all for, Obama doesn't have a plan for 2012, he will continue to radicalize his administration and then all Hell will break loose. Mark my words. After that Pray for salvation. God will deliver his own.

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This should not be a surprise, as police and fire depts. are full of "union first" collectivists. Just like teachers who have abandoned their principles (no pun intended) for the solidarity of unionism, these police and fire departments need to get busted down to size. And if they don't think "THE CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE" can do it, they will be unemployed before they know what hits them.

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What should horrify Gergen the most is how we can survive as a society without Harvard professors and we should start proving it now.