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I enjoyed watching the campaign almost as much as I enjoyed watching other agencies squirm and say it wouldn't work.

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looking at your 4/7 update, a few more comments:

- i agree with the bullet points, but i'd try to umbrella it under the value, not the specific tactic (video tutorials, lessons, etc -> "educate" or "learn to play guitar" or "whatever."
- you're assuming the visitor knows about your band and why they'd want to be on top of this

if you get the chance, i'd really recommend watching guy kawasaki's "art of the start" speech. it's a great crash course in communicating your value proposition...


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i'm coming from an academic entrepreneurship background. i'm not sure which method is right, but we were taught to emphasize a few things in even fewer words:

- what's in it for me (the listener)?
- why can't they live without it?
- how will it improve what they're already doing?

again, just from an academic POV, what you've posted is great...but more of a vision statement.


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Hi Rhonda,

Thanks for cruising through and leaving a comment. I'll put one together for Windows and have it posted by tomorrow. Do you mind if I email you when it's done?