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well keshav good to see your comment... the site has moved to if you need anything else visit in future

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thankyou, do send me your feedbacks

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i thought of telling more about opensuse... but when newbies are concerned, they will find it little hard to get along with opensuse (unlike the ubuntu)... any way i will write more about the other linux distros in the upcoming posts... this post is just to help people enter LINUX...(first)

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thankyou anand... if you have any feedbacks, plz let me know

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nice post let me give it a try... i was searching for these kinda tools... the best thing i like is "find who is online among our twitter followers"...

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just started reading your blog... (you dont know that iam following you thru twitter) hope to learn a lot from people like you
keep posting useful stuffs ben... and others do comment... :-)

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a great post... search engines play a vital role in the life of students.. who learn a lot only thru the search engines like google... and the latest twitter is on its peak. I follow many people(twitter) who inspired me to learn from them... google search engine before, now the twitter SE... so SE are the best business model... i wonder what kinda thing would rule the web2.0 in future.... (iam a starter with web2.0 business)

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this is really funny.... wat ben says is true and a factor to be considered for securing our business..

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people around me have said that they had a problem with google.... but i havent experienced it yet... gmail is my favourite mail yet.... the speed, its view of layout for the reply mails(one below the other)... and lots more have attracted me these days....

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windows is paying people for its hardware support[commercial] but since linux is free, people like you and i have to take efforts in contributing to linux.. the best idea is, students can pick up these hardware issues as a project and solve it.. which will fetch them a good recognition in the foss community. They will also learn a lot during the process.... as you face these kinda problems, you grow as a tech savvy with the practical knowledges.... So why not use linux.. so that one day you become an expert