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How about the great "Red Sun?" A twofer with the equally great Toshiro Minune. Part standard western, part comedy, party character flick. Charlie was one of the genuine greats. I loved him, but honestly, ahead of Charleton Heston?

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Sexy Beast? You bet!

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Maybe those doctors should lose their medical licenses for perpetrating a fraud.

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What does building roads and railroads have with the current govt's desire to have a Dept of Ass-wiping?

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People wanting the facts and truth should read Mark Fuhrman's "A Simple Act of Murder." It is the ONLY book done by a homicide detective in a homicide investigative manner. I spent years as a conspiracy theorist, but lately have come to understand that the killing of Kennedy was the work of one man, Oswald. This book lays it out, as the sole time that someone with Fuhrman's background investigates this crime. The entire Warren Commission and the litany of books on the conspiracy have not been from the true investigator's perspective. A compelling book.

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Denzel had previously received a "Best Supporting Actor" Oscar for Glory. He got it for Training Day because the Oscar's was a "guilt-fest" over their continuing ignoring of worthy black actors. Having said that, as a Denzel fan, his performance wasn't in the same league as Russel Crowe's.

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Sorry to make this correction to your article, but Crowe was absolutely robbed for Best Actor for "A Beautiful Mind." It went to Denzel Washington for the excerable "Training Day." A true example of affirmative action voting in the Oscars.

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Gee, I wonder if falsely accusing the Tea Party of racism, without any proof, has anything to do with the Tea Party's opinion of that organization.

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Wow, what ironic outrage coming from the party of Nazi loving George Soros.

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That 87,000 number is promoted ONLY by CBS from a website that has NO expertise in determining crowd numbers. Every other MSM site has the numbers between 300,000-500,000. Keep up the MediaMatters/MoveOn lies, because the only liars here are from the left.