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Is the 3.1 software used for iphone 3g or is it only for 3gs? i have an ultrasnow unlocked 3g 16gb and is really satisfied with it... but i am afraid apple will release another software update for it... will be happy if 3.0 is the last update for iphone 3g... can someone confirm this..


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I too have the same problem... currently having a Rogers Iphone 3G 16GB in Canada..

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hey guys first of all thank YOU for the unlock ... at last my iphone is going to be free!!! Congrats!!
Now... I have a 3G iphone 2.1. I need to restore it but my itunes already says that 2.2 is available. How can I restore 2.1 itself on my mobile. If i restore would it give me an option to choose between 2.1 and 2.2 or will it straight away install 2.2 without asking. My phone is not jailbroken.

also if i use quickpwn 2.1 (for windows), after jailbreaking would the unlock software work or should i use only pwnage for jailbreaking?

thanks & njoy ur Christmas!!!!

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guys... i have a iphone 3g 2.1 and it is not jail broken yet. I need to restore the iphone to 2.1m however itunes says that 2.2 is available. while restoring wud it give an option to choose between 2.1 or 2.2 or else is it always 2.2 u restore to..