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Here is a classic example from Members of the best Congress money can buy of the "tail wagging the dog." Can anyone show that the US receives any benefit whatsoever from our being held hostage to the dictates of Israel? I don't recall voting for any member of the Likud party. But look at the costs associated with this warped relationship. We give them billions in aid. We support them politically with an uncritical eye. We went to war in Iraq at their behest. They steal our commercial and military secrets. They are fighting vigorously for the US to war with Iran. But the other side of the ledger is blank...enumerating that they give us nothing but troubles in the world. SKM said the reason for 9/11 is America's total support for the Apartheid Israeli regime and their brutal treatment of the Palestinians.

Its time for McCain and Likudist Lieberman to take a hike, perhaps they can run as a candidate in the Knesset.

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Here again comes the contemporary "Iron Lady", how she can speak to the issues involving Yemen with a straight face is mind-numbing. These "hawks in dove feathers" lecture the world in behavioral manifestations, as they go, casually about, destroying the world. There are no words to properly portray what has become the most dangerous and peace shattering political hacks on the planet. While we lament and demonize the actions of Hitler, Stalin, Brezhnev, Mao, Pol Pot, Truman, Kissinger et al, George W. Bush and company, Thatcher, Blair, and the Clintons: were there a Nobel Prize given for the worst skunk at the lawn party, I would nominate all the illustrious aforementioned.

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Dr. Phil fpr president...his stunning erudition, combined with eloquent and insightful articulation, eludes the power brokers as manifest in "Foggy Bottom." Sadly, the Halls of Congress and the administration are staffed with carpet baggers and snake oil slaesman. What are the people to do???

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As I have come to expect from Dr. Phil Giraldi, a great but sobering article. A quick look back in history tells those with an open mind that America's wars have largely been based on fabrications.
One of many examples though still controversial, is what did FDR and the US know about the impending attack on Pearl Harbor? My Great Uncle was Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet prior to Pearl Harbor and was uncerimoniously dumped due to his hectoring FDR that the US was provoking Japan towards war with a top-secret, 8-point plan drafted by Cdr. Wm. McCollum of Naval Intelligence,. The provocations which included oil embargoes put the Fleet at Pearl Harbor at great risk. When ignored by FDR, my uncle went to the press, but received scant attention. As a result he was fired and "the rest, as they say, is history."

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Why would any respectable and sovereign nation wish to deal with the hawks in dove feathers a.k.a., Obamites? These people are mad. The march of folly continues as preterxt, i.e.the "war on terror." At a cost of $57,077.60/minute for the surge, I think we can all see why empires fail, spending their way into economic ,and amoral oblivion.

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Kudos to Dr. Phil Giraldi,
As we have come to expect, his analysis is spot on! During the 1980s, I was involved in Foreign Military Sales (FMS), a program to assist allies of the US with the latest military hardware. One of our vendors, Recon Optical fell victim to Israeli spying which involved the theft of blueprints for a high-altitude, high resolution optical system attached to F4 Phantom jets. The Israelis insisted in placing their QA people in the Recon Optical plant as a condition of the contract. Subsequently, they stole the plans for the system and cancelled the contract. Elbit Corporation in Israel proceeded to build the system, and as Dr. Phil reiterates, undersold Recon Optical on the international marketplace. The result was economic evisceration of the firm who went bankrupt in the process. No relief from the US Government was forthcoming. With friends like these...who needs enemies?

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These pro-war hawks in dove's feathers are out of their freakin mind! How can our leadership be so cavalier about an action that will kill thousands if not millions of innocent civilians, continue our path to insolvency, both economically and morally and make the US the international pariah?

There seems no hope. The military contractors have Congress by their proverbial chestnuts while others have lost their backbone to oppose the ever-opportunistic lobbyists. Our republic has become a plutocrasy, great for Wall St., the pharmecueticals, insurance industry, the bankers, and the Military Industrial Complex, and their Siamese twin, Israel, but for world peace and neglected services for the people, it ranks with Nigeria.

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Clinton's comment that "we asked Mullah Omar to give up bin Laden before he went to Afghanistan after 9/11", is pure bovine skatology. Bin Laden was invited into Afghanistan in 1996 by the Northern Alliance, America's allies in the 2001 invasion. Furthermore, the Taliban made numerous overtures to both the Clinton and Bush administrations in an attempt to solve the impasse. The US chose to not negotiate with the Taliban though they asked for little in exchange. In addition, the US was informed by a journalist in 1997 as to the precise location of bin Laden and yet took no action. As a result, a perception exists and is deepening that the US used bin Laden as justification for positioning their forces closer to Central Asian energy deposits and therefore freeze out competition from Iran, China and Russia. Few believe that bin Laden is the reason we now occupy Afghanistan.

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That the President was even considered for this lofty prize is thundering hypocrisy. Not a few scribes see this prize presented in OSLO, NATO Headquarters, as a political/budgetary plot for the subsistence and continuation of NATO. Obama's escalation, therefore fuels a continuation of war and NATO's continued presence and reason for existing. Origally mandated to counter Warsaw Pact aggression and or expansion, the question is...what the Hell is NATO doing in Afghanistan??

It may well be that the Europeans see NATO as a hedge against unbriddled American militarism.

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Kudos to Dr. Phil Giraldi for his expert analysis. In my opinion, the US has not ever seriously wished to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. I base this on the fact that during one trip to Afghanistan during the Clinton Presidency, I was asked to keep on the lookout for Osama. As luck would have it, I learned where the shadowy, reclusive Saudi was living. Upon return to the states, I reported the precise location of Osama's redoubt, (along with a map). When no action was forthcoming, I queried those who had debriefed me upon my return to the US as to the why of this lack of action. Their answer was "we don't know." Osama, it appears, has been but a hunting license for the US and their grand quest to encircle energy reserves in Central Asia and the Caspian Basin, and to eventually build the Turkmenistan-via- Afghanistan-to Pakistan pipeline and the Arabian Sea. To freeze out all competition (read: Iran and Russia) the faux-quest to eradicate terrorism remains but pretext.