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Bravo Rolling Stone !! Great interview ... great interviewer !! (Finally someone who does their homework and knows our Ashley!) Loved the little banter between them too. =)

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SUPER sweet of him, huh! =) I loved that letter almost as much as I loved Eclipse!

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HAHA!!! So true!! OK let's sick the newborns against them instead. =D

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Nikki's a sweetheart. Definitely looking forward to seeing her in Eclipse !! (Awesome interview btw ... it felt like she was genuinely interested, as opposed to being distracted by the million other things going on around her!)

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Amen to that! She's truly a gem. How many girls could remain as humble as she has, after all the fame and money and attention that's been thrown her way in the past few years. She's such a sweet soul and definitely deserves the role of Bella, in my eyes anyway!

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I love Shaun Robinson (the A.H. interviewer). She has great chemistry with this cast ... especially Rob. Not an easy task to make these guys feel at home, especially when they've been thrown from one interviewer to the next for a month straight.

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I couldn't agree more! Do your homework journalists!! The director-question has been asked 749 times since New Moon came out. We're over it. (Sorry for the rant. Peter, we love you. And you have our blessing to smack anyone who asks you redundant questions in the future). :)

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I know, huh!! That's a TON of interviews! Thank you so much for representin' last nite =)

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Love the blue ... loooove the look in Rob's eyes ... love that all of us know EXACTLY what scene this is, just by their expressions. Beautiful. This would make for a stunning poster (hint, hint). ;)

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I concur !! I've been *dreading* the mourning process that will inevitably come when BD ends, so it'll be nice not to have to worry about that for another two years. But I gotta say, I'm sad about having to wait 18 months between Eclipse and BD1. Doesn't sound like Steph's any closer to releasing another Twilight-related book any time soon, although it'd be the perfect time to do it. (And I'm not talking Mid. Sun either ... it'll be a long time before she goes back to that ... but a novella or two would be a brilliant way to keep the momentum going!)