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"He passed the park and concentrated on the dark bundle. It wasn’t a dummy. And if it was a display it was a strange kind. The hackles on his neck rose and he swallowed uneasily. Sweat slid out on his face and hands.
It was a body. A human body."
- from "The Hanging Stranger" by Philip K. Dick

They wanted to purge the DOJ of people like Adams (i.e. the sane). That's why they did this.

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That's five minutes I'll never get back. David, your ego is completely misplaced. If you wanted to inspire contempt, mission accomplished.

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Yes, yes, the Tamil immigrants, when are you going to write about the Tamil immigrants, Mr. Steyn?! Why, they are everywhere!

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Look at the graph at the top of the page. INTERSALT and the Scottish study both show that high salt and high blood pressure (and thus cardiovascular problems) are not linked. A recent study showing that if we reduce salt intake by a gram or 1 and 1/2 grams will save some ridiculous number of lives is based on the false assumption that INTERSALT shows there is a link.

In the original INTERSALT paper, they screw with the range and separate the date to make it look like an obvious correlation. They intentionally mislead people to support their hypothesis to support government intervention and get government grants for research.