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Thanks Mark. I was not aware of ReFollow. I like your referral of it as a management tool. Power Users of Twitter need apps. that drive greater efficiency and force one to be more strategic as Twitter consumes hours in order to be an effective platform.
Thank you.


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This is most definitely an emerging "best practice" and I predict that social landing pages will explode in popularity as we become more micro-focused in serving fans, members, and customers...increasingly around hyperlocal business. We are advocating this practice actively in Soho, New York, where we are consulting store based retailers, and professional service companies on the application of social networks.
I can tell you its working.

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He is definitely right about being a "productivity-killer".....Those beeps from tweetdeck are undeniably distracting!!

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If you believe, as I do, that Twitter is going to capitalize on the emergence of social search by topics, which will draw a great deal of attention, then usernames that align with their business strategy are going to become very valuable...Anyone who has not yet registered their own names...for a Twitter presence is very foolish, in the long run...even if you have no time to practice.
Watch as prices move higher..for smart twitter real estate.

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Partly my instinct thru observation, partly business intelligence, suggests that Twitter is positioning itself to lead us to topical search in realtime, which, as you have well pointed out, may not only connect to advertising but, more importantly, enable an evolution for e-commerce and transacting....thru social retailing, and groups of individuals teaming up (communities) to buy cooperatively, extracting greater value in price, while demanding that the brands or suppliers focus on __convenience and fulfillment. Twitter will have advanced search, and data to market and sell...I really love your focus and intensity on this topic.

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People are either earning social currency or spending it and Twitter can accelerate that equation quickly both ways..Mark, maybe you should take the lead and initiate an article to establish "best practices" on Twitter?

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Every increment of time invested online either is earning social currency or spending it..This feels like a spend to me..good illustration underlying why "the brand is you" is moving towards "the brand is us"...

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I think we are past whether Twitter is mainstream. Fact is, the deep displacement of highly educated people, the Obama campaign and relationships to media journalists, and evolution of the web, comes together at a watershed moment enabling Twitter to gain popularity quickly. Its our job, as early adopters, to be inventive, and "disciplined" in how to create economic value. We are all learning together...

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Facebook just does not seem like the right fit...but I believe strongly that Facebook will continue to face market de-valuation as Twitter ramps. I predict that Google will make a strong move to own Twitter....they have vision, science, and can do the math.