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He's on a little show called Merlin playing, you know, the king of Camelot.

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My friends and I have a whole list of Harry Potter euphemisms.
"I'll make your shack shriek, if you know what I mean..."

Also, I would have loved a support group like that. The last book almost killed me with some deaths and they way they were handled.

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Putting aside the exclusion of Whedon, I might not have been so opposed to this if they had just WAITED a little longer. Buffy hasn't even been off the air for a decade yet. Do we really need a reboot this soon? And if it IS good (doubtful, but possible) it's just going to get lumped into the "Vampire Phase" and not really have that much of an affect. It'll just be boring and repetitive.I just think it's really stupid from BOTH standpoints.

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But...but what about him and Dollhouse?

I swear I recognized one of the blonde girls on the ship who is probably going to be the love interest, but I can't remember her name at all. Also, I got a Hitchhiker's Guide flashback, but that might have just been because I was watching on Towel Day.