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I doubt very much that Kim Jong-Un would describe himself as a 'Stalinist'. He'd use a different word I'm sure.
One that also begins in 'S' and ends in 'ist' though - the same one Eamonn would use to describe himself.

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Songs of Praise is a tv program, not a call to prayer.
The article's all over the place. Fits right in here.

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We'll talk to 'people'. But not to sectarian murderers nor their supporters and apologists.


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Why would The Beal Feirste Tele report on the South Tyneside mayoral election unless it was the only opportunity they had to put 'Labour' and 'triumph' in the same sentence?

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At first glance the letter writer has a fair point. And it's occurred to me this law is a boon to the bin-liner makers (no doubt the mad-men and women who comment here will have a conspiracy theory.) But, in fact, whenever you charge for something people use less of it.

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Mccann's of the 'Brits out, Nigerians in' sort.

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McNeil would be better off asking himself why he's stuck writing for a declining, provincial paper rather than the most successful paper in the world. And the Tele would be showing some sense for once if it realised the connection between its declining sales and its witless writers.

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'Group Chairman Robin Wilson'.Say no more. Occasional contributor to this august journal. Another member of 'Platform for Change' (unelected but, according to the Tele, significant) is Ms N. McKeever, a regular columnist. Perhaps there are more. Probably there are.

I'm sure the Tele could get the endorsement of Socialist Worker or the Official IRA, should it seek it.

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Long ago (in the '80s) you would read in newspapers that patriotism was the 'last refuge of the scoundrel'. I don't know who they were quoting, but I do know that an up-to-date rendering might substitute the protesting of 'rights'
for 'patriotism', particularly the protesting of the rights of a group to which you don't belong yourself. Eamonn's been writing a lot about rights recently (gay rights etc); that after eulogising, in Andersonstown , someone (Price) who wanted to deny people the right to life.

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I'm a Unionist, and I'm very 'turned-off' ' by you and your transparently sectarian rants. You're what you would call a Fascist, but you lack the self-awareness that a reasonable person would have and you hate Potestants in the same way the IRA do.