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Islam is a 3 pronged cancerous force: RPM Religious. Political. Military. Folks that don't know history and haven't studied Islam are duped by the first prong presented as "Religion." Everyone must respect everyone else's religion, right? So Islam gains protection and criticisms are marked as "hate speech." As Islam continues to grow in the host country of immigration, the Political prong begins to grow. (this mimics Muhammad's life precisely) Innocently at first as in requests/demands for concessions on prayer times/places, separation of gender in public places (swimming pools), holidays in school, footbaths in public, removal of crosses or other offensive material, halal food in schools (no pork) for everyone, no alcohol, public broadcast of call to prayer, lawfare accusing employers and government of discrimination. These things are currently growing throughout USA but mainly in the areas of denser Muslim population. The Military prong is a nice word for violent jihad. It can be done by one person or a group and begins when the host country has softened but is not ready for mass conversion to Islam. All these actions of Religious, Political, Military are still considered "jihad." The ultimate goal of Muhammad, which can never be altered, is worldwide submission to Allah. Every Muslim is obligated his entire life to jihad. Some want Islam established today and they are the terrorist jihadists. Those who are more patient (the ones we call "moderate") are willing to let the outcome be determined by who is strongest. Us or them. The free world will not be safe from the threat of Islam as long as one Muslim is still alive. But as long as their numbers are small, we can hopefully manage the threat. I believe Islam matches the end time Beast Kingdom so it will probably continue to rise despite our efforts to evangelize, payoff, or fight them with force. But we must also prevent its contamination of the church known as "Chrislam."

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Great overview of history and insight for our future. Thanks for stating truth, regardless of who may ignore its weight.

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A good 44 min video explanation by Dr. Bill Warner of www.politicalislam.com of why we are afraid to look under the hood of Islam can be found here:
It explains why only a minority of us recognize the evil inherent within Islam while the bulk of the world seems to have their head in the sand or elsewhere.

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A good book to better understand why we ignore the obvious threat is The Control Factor (Our Struggle to See the True Threat) by Bill Siegel. It posits that our mind engages us in an effort to blind us so that we remain calm in the face of danger. We refuse to admit we're in trouble and instead of fleeing, occupy ourselves with rearranging Titanic deck chairs. And if you like good preaching about rising up to the evil presence, check out: http://prewrathrapture.com/2011/11/living-out-pre... done by Charles Cooper. It is one of the most encouraging 50 minutes i've watched and prepared me for the hostile times coming. Never give up the good fight!

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The only explanation I can derive from several years of asking God WHY He let Mo exist and create Islam is that it is the vehicle of the Antichrist and the end time showdown between good and evil on a planetary scale. There really is no other explanation. Even communism/marxism was only created in the 1940s and most of the world has figured out it was a bad idea. Not so for Islam. And if you study the tenets of Islam and if you know your Bible, the fingerprints, MO, motives, rewards, style, all point directly to Islam being engineered by Satan. That means that Islam will continue to grow and spread until God decides the last chapters of Revelation need to actually happen. Joel Richardson recently wrote Mideast Beast which gives scriptural and historical evidence that the AC is Islamic and the Woman who rides the Beast is Saudi Arabia. I may not agree with every point he makes, but its a good read. The American church is dreadfully NOT prepared for the persecution that is coming. And we have ignored the daily deaths of Christians all over the Islamic controlled lands. Shame on us.

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The author makes many good points but his group openly supports "interfaith" here with a Muslim Sheik on the board to represent Islam. There is no "moderate" peace loving Islam. You must go to the heart, to Saudi Arabia to really understand "interfaith" objectives. They outlaw anything and everything associated with any religion other than Islam. How insane for us to believe they come to America and cry "interfaith dialogue" and build "interfaith" centers????? This is only another example of Islamic taquiya and our willingly ignorant masses to drink their Koolaid. Mr. Jacobs, if you really care about your topic, I suggest you distance yourself from "Americans for Peace and Tolerance" as it is a ONE WAY street to an Islamic caliphate. Perhaps you could benefit from www.politicalislam.com

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I'm beginning to wonder if Israel isn't the safest place on the earth these days? At least they know the value of citizen arms and shooting back when attacked....And they recognize the enemy and aren't afraid to call him such.

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Chicago already has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and they are the murder capital. So banning guns only makes it easier (like shooting fish in a barrel) for the evil people to kill others. Do your homework cj. whereever guns are prevalent, the crime rate goes down. The crimminals always target places where guns are banned. The Aurora theater was prime example. the town's other theaters allowed guns.... You will never remove the evil from human nature, there will always be someone who wants to do harm. the only thing to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. You will never eliminate the bad guy with a gun from existing.

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Because all car and truck drivers will not act responsible (hence "accidents" occur) don't you think all those forms of transportation should be immediately banned as well? Just applying your logic. And didn't we try that logic with drugs? Aren't drugs illegal because we don't want them hurting anyone? Hmmm..hows that working for ya?

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He is as attached to socialism and communism as he is to Islam. He is master of disguise and deceit. While he has America talking about the economy (he is furiously writing Executive Orders which give him sole control of much of this country's resources and usurp the power of Congress and upend the Constition. We don't see the sleight of hand) He is the Dictator in Chief but no one will stand up against him. He uses whatever mask or ploy to gain power in different situations. watch the recent move "2016 Obama's America and you'll see his roots very clearly. His rise to power from obscurity (in every sense of the word) should prove there are bigger forces at work than just the voter wields. Americans have been duped and unless a miracle occurs, Obama will stay in the WH and the end draws nigh. It remains to be seen whether Obama's powers remain in the US or will extend globally.