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Uhh....yeah. Uh-huh. You and Ashish Patel. We have our eyes on ya! LOL

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Yup, exactly. Now I get to actually enjoy the sessions and hang out more with attendees. Wooohoo! :)

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I'm glad you found links to the vids. :) If the peppers or Pearl Jam, we definitely know who they'

I'm glad someone else (aside from myself) made a fool of themselves on Rock Band. Yay for letting loose.

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I don't know about the poop part, but I love the street names around your neighborhood. Did you leave the poop behind as proof? LOL

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Thanks for the kinds words, Hofo! It's definitely speakers like you that make the events (360|iDev and 360|Flex) so special.

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@Chuck Well, they'll be there so you can definitely let them know! :)

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Yeah, I think your right. It just seems counter-intuitive when your "young and hungry" to say, "Yeah, this sale just isn't right." You think your product is perfect for everyone and a sale is often a necessary vs a nice to have.

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It's really odd for us. We focus on the short term, i.e. the actual show. However, we realize that our first show in a new market will likely not make much money and that the payoffs will come with later shows. I.e. the new line of show/efforts is long term planning.

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As you wish! Done and uploaded. Sorry for the delay.

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I wonder the same thing about our conferences all the time. We offer more per show for less money than other shows. I wonder if many people bypass us because we're perceived as "cheap". Also