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Wow Renton grow some thinker skin and stop being such babies. There has to be some real crime out there. You going to go after the makers of Police Academy next?

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Eventually it will come down to an armed conflict on American soil. Unfortunately we can't fire the first shot, the government would squash any patriotic American attempting to defend the country, while letting terrorists and illegals run wild.

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I saw that too, I guess when working class tax payers protest, it's a temper tantrum. I guess at Publius only unions and racial control groups can protest and be viewed as exercising their civil liberties.

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"recruit, support and graduate Latino students". Which means an army of incompetent "professionals" in critical areas of employment, since they will be "graduated", not guided to their own graduation, but graduated by this racist group. Blue light special on diplomas for Latinos.

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Liberal attempts to beat Beck's rally will end up just like all the liberal attempts to beat Rush's radio show, one comedic failure after another, each one more embarrassing than the last. Let's see if the libs remember to pick up after themselves this time.

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Public schools just can't stop handing out reasons to home school.

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It's always been interesting to me that liberals will whole heartedly agree that if aliens came down from space and looked around Earth, they would see us as brutal, and backwards. And yet they hate Europeans that used advanced math to navigate huge vessels across oceans, that went on to discover people in loin clothes, throwing sticks at animals on every shore they landed. Of course Europeans should be honored, we beat the entire world in every crucial advancement necessary for first world civilization, and we shared it, often times at our own expense with people that would have never left the cave, had we not conquered the planet.

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The pioneers never thought for 1 second, "gee we shouldn't have kids because the wild and indians are dangerous and every summer dad spends 4 months on the other side of the country looking for work. The problem is not money, or time, the problem is White men have become selfish little children that don't want to have to deal with responsibility.

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This article is primarily about PRIVATE food assistance, not government welfare. So you're not going to know who's getting it by observing them at the store. This is why you must be very careful about which charities you donate to, and which church you attend. For instance there are 3 nationally known "mega-churches" in my area, one is a useless PC limp wristed, Christ last "church" which no doubt pisses away the congregations tithes on feel good social policy. Another is very strict about their food pantry, you may only access it if you agree to financial counseling, you have to open up your whole life to them and follow the plan to self reliance if you wish to access the charitable services. The 3rd church, I have no knowledge of.

The locals you'll have to investigate yourself, but there is www.ministrywatch.org to help with investigating the big boys.

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Whites that refuse to have children, have chosen defeat for the entire race, and oddly enough, most of those Whites refusing to have children are found on the most prominent "White nationalist" web sites. Try reading some of those wack job posts, they have boat loads of excuses to let their family tree die off.