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mark's got no lack of ambition which is what makes this hilarious...

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Everything has it's time, relieves us of having to try to do it all at once. We can look at all of our creative ideas, and projects, and say there will be a time for that, but right now I must do this.

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love the vision on this one. very exciting!

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I like where you're going. I'm still very uneasy about reducing anything down to a sentence - though i understand the need for definition and being concise - don't you ever feel like you're still missing something? maybe that's just me.

Anyhow, really looking forward to the next book!

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Good post. I've wrote along these lines myself. Except I find it a lot harder living out transparently especially in a leadership capacity - i don't mean acknowledging it now and then, but having this in mind in every act and conversation feels a world apart for me at times.

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LOVE the stand up meeting idea. Simple concept that totally discourages the usual meeting meanderings.

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wow, that is a great quote. unfortunately it's not just out absence of fasting that shows how content we our with the absence of christ in our lives... i'm pretty sure the list is far longer than that for most of us.

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communicating the 'next step' was my takeaway from that - i use to think people could just synthesize information and preferred doing whatever they want with it, but because of the deluge of info these days most people actually long for some guidance

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Great post. It's too easy to think that just because we throw everything at it and things will be excellent.

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awesome post... just wondering, what do you make of jesus saying i have not come to bring peace but a sword in matthew?