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sometimes it seems as if israel is our ONLY ally.

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you certainly are a tool. having been there and having family there (Jerusalem and Tel Aviv), I can tell you its not Zionist propaganda.

Its very real.

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no. Coming from one Jew who hasn't voted Democrat since 1976, nothing will wake up the Liberal Demo Jews. Certainly if the Obamanation hasn't done this, nothing will.

Except quite possibly the perceived threat of another Auschwitz.

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there we go again, repeating the lie... the only catastrophe was that these people 1) listened to and actually believed their brethren in lebanon, egypt, syria, jordan, saudi arabee, and iraq, when they were told "leave... we'lll take care of the jews; you can come back when we're done'; 2) actually left israel, and 3) have been denied citizenship in every muslim/arab country they've lived in, simply because they left their homes 60+ years ago.

time to move on, people... live and learn.

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absolutely shame on them...

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then you're both a coward and a traitor to this country. Stand up to what you know is wrong.

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if everyone wants the economy based on Government Enterprises as opposed to FREE ENTERPRISE and ENTREPRENEURS and CAPITALISM, then yes, I can see maobama's point. getting stronger. day by day.

but those of us who DON'T BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE INTERFERING WITH FREE ENTERPRISE, ENTREPRENEURS, AND CAPITALISM, think that Maobama's commentary is patently absurd, painful to listen to and horrifically naive...

God help us all...

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You, sir, are pathetic and in dire need of medical and psychiatric assistance. Please report to your closest medical facility. They're more than happy to oblige. Just make certain that the attending physician has only Aryan Blut in his veins. You know that type. Tall, strapping blonde male with those vibrant blue eyes... Oh, yeah. You must check his shorts. You know. Check to see if he's circumcised. Wouldn't want a mud-blood Jew working on you. Might get infected with something, as a result.

Wait. Must check the ownership of the facility. Might be owned by a Jew. Hmmm.. Have to go down the street. Wait. Gotta check that one too. You know the Jews own and run all the medical centers, too, didn't you?

I have it. Send it to the news. NO DON'T DO THAT. As you say, they control the press, too.

Sir. What the facebook groups are doing is not objective discussion. If that's your idea of "objective" discussion, I believe you ought to sue the educational facility you attended for breach of contract.

Gimme a freaking break.

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excuse me, ahem...

your reference to the holocaust as a microscopic part of WW2 is patently absurd. Why then, in late 1944 and 45, did the Nazi regime transfer troops and much money and energy to the attempted destruction of Europe's Jewish population, all the while taking away from the "German war effort"? In their eyes, Hitler and Co. were more focused on the elimination of Jews in Europe and western asia (and the elimination of anyone that supported or gave aid to them) than on winning the war against the Allies.

Why then did they in April of 1945 try to cover up all that they had done by attempting to destroy at best or hide at the least the concentration and death camps throughout Poland, Czechoslovakia, Serbia, Croatia and Hungary, in addition to the Fatherland?

And if, in fact, you lost that many family members in the Holocaust, you are essentially spitting on their graves with your naive and dangerous beliefs.

remember: those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

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couldn't say it any better. Thanks, Al...