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Those adds drive me nuts...
Seriously starting to make me want to not come to the site despite how awesome it is.

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As the ZU Twitter feed says, call it the Wuu!
With the WuuPad controller :D

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You might want to update that the CD is only available to US and Canada people that register, so long as they're over 13 and while stocks last.

I know :( Us poor Aussies and the rest of the world

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Other than the two DS games.
Maybe :P

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There's quite a few others that are Australia based you know. That are various parts of the team here.

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So... Exactly how much of the news on this site do you read? Because by your reasoning above you should stop reading 98% of the articles part way through.

One would wonder why you bother to visit the site.

Also, Mate. Did you ever stop to think that might be just part of her writing style? Especially as she's writing news articles for a site Devoted to Zelda.

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The carrots are on the touch screen. Have a look on some of the game play videos.

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You unlock it once you beat the game normally. It comes as part of the game.

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That's the american one probably. I've seen the preorder in stores and it costs 350$ AUD

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Was that a griefer that burnt it? If so.
Curse them ALL!