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Hi Amber!

Thanks for your comment.

You know what your Guides would love? A simple \"thank you\" - really! That\'s it. You don\'t have to do anything more than acknowledge the help and they\'re happy. Heck, they\'re fine even if you don\'t acknowledge it. They do what they do because it\'s part of their soul evolution AND you\'ve made a pre-incarnation agreement to help each other in this way. Just take a moment to say hi or thanks and you\'re good to go!

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PJ, I agree that it takes all kinds of spiritual teachers. Absolutely. What I really disliked was the insinuation (and it was in other places in the book, not just this paragraph) that Guides and Teachers need a particular condition available for you to connect with them. I see so many people who don\'t even \"feel worthy\" (their words) of that support that it breaks my heart.

Having the connection with Guide teams the way I do, I know -without question- that they are with us always. UNCONDITIONALLY. That help is there and available for whomever wants it. To my way of thinking, it\'s unconscionable for a teacher to give any other impression.

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Hi Jen, I think the point (for me, anyway) is to forgive myself for being cruel and also ask Tina\'s higher self for forgiveness as well.

It seems like Edwene\'s approach doesn\'t fit you and that you know that. Discernment is key so I say \"Good on ya!\" for recognizing that. This is just one path, I am sure there are many, many others from which to choose. I wanted to bring this one to my readers because I find enormous value in my life from walking it and hope that it stirs others to find their own path - whether it\'s the same as mine, as Edwene\'s or someone else\'s - that\'s for them to discern.

:) Always glad to hear your \"voice\" at PI!

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Hi Jennifer,
Edwene defines spiritual food as \"Spiritual food is that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth, and causes us to remember who we really are. It is the infilling of spiritual energy that reconnects us consciously to the awareness of our own innate divinity.\" - so even if it\'s not another person for you, it could well be a park or even a restaurant where you had a lovely meal. You can tithe whenever you feel that inner joy.

Only you can know what that is for you. Maybe start looking around to see where you\'re getting that sweet inner joy and tithe there. :) You know, or not. You little iconoclast, you!

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Hi Penny, I agree that there are lots and lots of ways to give back to the Universe. Edwene says that what you give out, you will get back so if you give time, you will receive time back (and love, and compassion, respectively). If you are seeking to create more financial abundance in your life, you would give money so that it comes to you in return.

I think it\'s a win/win for all when you blend love, compassion, time, energy AND money! <3 Thanks for your thoughts!

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Tithing just means 10, from what I understand. Maybe you can call it \"tenning\" instead! :) Remember not to \"TEN\" to need - but where you\'re getting fed. That\'s really, really key.

Thanks for commenting and following along, Louise. I\'m glad to see you always!

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Matthew\'s take on things is very wise and since I\'ve been reading it for probably 8 or more years, is quite accurate. While not all of it resonates totally with me, much of it does and I keep an open mind about the rest. :)

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Hope, I agree with your perspective and especially the words \"there\'s nothing more empowering than becoming your own authority\" - that gets a big HELL YES! from me! :)

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Hope, thank you! I read your article and I so much appreciate your take on it (and the mention as well). You offer some good down-to-earth steps to take to find the path out of co dependence. Glad you left a comment. ;)

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Hi Mary,

Yep, things like this defy words, don\'t they? I cried my head off before I could even start to write about it. That\'s often how I process things - cry and then write.