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Yep, caused quite a stir a couple of years ago.

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Love this, Nancy. Thank you. As a homeschooling mom who works at home (and is currently snowbound!!), I take what I can get when I can get it. Fortunately, it has taught me to be flexible in both body and mind and also it has given me an extreme appreciation for my yoga practice. I do not take any sun salutes for granted. I bust out handstands in my kitchen. Now that I think about it, i have fully integrated my yoga practice into my home life. Cool.

Have fun in the snow!! We have about 1.5' in Asheville right now.

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Love this, Brooks. When I learned the meaning of the word vagina I wanted to change it, too. And soon after my daughter was born it became Yoni (sanskrit). Funny, now I remember joking with my girlfriends in high school that we should change the name to something less ambiguous and scary, something like Bagel.

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Radical. Thanks for this reminder, Jay. I hope to make it to Kripalu soon. :)

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Great interview. I'll be tuning in for the others to come, Thanks, Donna!

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Brooks, I just want to congratulate you on yet another thoughtful and beautiful post. Most of all, I am impressed with how you have responded to every comment. Not only have you started the (difficult?) conversation, but you are also considering what others have to say. I can tell that you give each response a lot of thought and respect. Kudos!!

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I love this, Donna. And I love OK Go videos ... so much. Thanks!

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I love your writing, Kaoverii! I was hooked from the first line. Thank you for sharing this.

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I like to mix it up. I really enjoy no music and just the rhythm of my breath guiding me through asana practice. I also like instrumental grooves, down-tempo electronica, mantra or even an Eminem-ish track here and there. For me, music gets me out of my head, out of a "thinking" state, and more into a "feeling" state. Often this inspires connection with a deeper "me." That said, sometimes the distraction is over-stimulating and agitating. I never play music during meditation.

I think I am like you, Birdie, always searching. Great post!!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this. A lot of people in the US don't know about birth doulas, so education and awareness is crucial right now. I did not have a doula at either of my births but my midwives were amazing. And after hearing so many women's birth stories (women LOVE to share their stories), and learning that they felt uninformed, disempowered or scared, I was inspired to complete a birth doula training. I truly feel that doulas can make a huge difference in bringing birthing in the US back to women in a natural, supportive way.