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It will not be necessary to bus 20+million criminals home as some have supposed. Once unscrupulous employers and the illegal alien population have realized that enforcing agencies within our country have finally decided to punitively rid our homeland from this criminal intrusion, there will be such a mass flooding of illegals attempting to "escape" from WITHIN our borders that, after only a short period of time, our law enforcement agencies will have only a few stragglers to round up.

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Remedy for Illegal Labor Trafficking:

Those here illegally should be fined and all property confiscated and sold to cover their upcoming judicial/deportation expenses and serving 60 days jail time while being readied for deportation. Their employers should be heavily fined and all property confiscated with sentencing of 6 months to 5 years and carrying a felony on his/her record for “aiding and abetting criminal activity”, he/she was engaged in illegal activity undermining the economy, security, living conditions, and welfare of fellow countrymen and peers willingly and dishonestly to the lowest illegal bidder. The proceeds from the sale of confiscated items would be used to buy a one-way ticket sending the illegal, under military or law enforcement escort, to the farthest destination point from our borders within their confirmed country of citizenship.