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Another judge bought by the cretins in the White House. No wonder our national debt keeps growing, paying all those 'on the hook' judges certainly can get expensive AND WE'RE PAYING IN OUT OF OUR TAX MONEY.
My God, is there an honest person left in our government? No wonder Obama smiles all the time; he really has hit the jackpot of the U S Treasury all for himself.

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Newt and Bachmann or Cain would also work.

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I wonder if those Republican senators have ever asked Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska how she feels about the sanctuary cities in her state. At one time she made the comment that she had no problem with Sanctuary Cities.
She also has no problem with granting a fast track to citizenship for all the illegal aliens in the United States.
And she calls herself a conservative?????

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The depiction of Pelosi is much too flattering.

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RICO doesn't apply; the SCOTUS ruled in US v Enmons that damaging a substation and OTHER VIOLENCE was not illegal because the union thugs were pursuing "legitimate" union objectives. This was based on the Hobbs Act that allows union violence.

I'm not kidding; go to BigGovernment.com and search for "The AFL CIO Defends Union Violence As A Legitimate Union Activity…"

These SOB's even have the courts on their side.

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Not sure you can impeach an appointed Board; what you can do though is pass a resolution to defund NLRB and include a provision where the Board can not accept government funds from any other source (e. g. Obama)
Without funds they can't operate or get paid. They'll skedaddle if that happens.

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I have a problem with any article that is written proclaiming charges of treason, even to identifying the individuals guilty of such acts and then recommending avenues of corrections to be taken, but absents the author's name, rank and title of authority for making such statements.
It's not that I object to what has been written as much as it is a dereliction of duty to provide an identifier. If I were to pass along any of this what should be a legitimate statement of acts and corrections I would expect to be questioned as to its validity of source. With no identifier other than, "The Godfather" I would also expect to be laughed at and thought to be a member of the Mafia or some other suspicious entity.
If the author of this piece would fully identify him or herself and the authority he or she holds to make such charges, it would give much more strength to its validity.

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Has anyone asked the usurping thief in chief how much of his newly-found over the past two years millions is HE going to give up in this plan; or did he 'exempt' himself?

The man is not only a supreme LIAR but a colossal THIEF. He should be put in prison - Gitmo sounds like a nice place for him. He can wear his Muslim garb and be issued his own little carpet for telling lies to HIS god.

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Easy on the praise for Ros-Lehtinen, being HIspanic, she is VERY soft on illegal aliens and border enforcement. These two issues are very costly to our Obama-destroyed U. S. Treasury and our taxpayer dollars to the tune of billions.

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Why a partial defunding? Go ALL THE WAY.
Slogan for the day: Get us out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.!