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I want to give a copy to a friend of mine who is really struggling in his new management position. Before he was working alone and now he's promoted to lead his department/team. He is struggling to connect with his co-workers and subordinates. I want to help him by giving the book. I'm sure John's book will make him overcome his struggles in connecting!

I read three chapters of the book when John posted it on his website, and I really like it!

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What really helps is creating a clear picture of your (ideal) customer. Write a little scenario of the current state your customer is in, what he is doing for a living, is he married, having kids, what are his main frustrations etc. Give it a name and you've created an avatar. This really helps to focus your activities!
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God created the world by speaking, so words must be powerful! ;)

Often by saying such memes we essentially speak curses over ourselves. Thanks for this reminder, Brad!
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Great perspective here, Peter! When we compare ourselves to other people we tend to feel unprepared, unskilled and inadequate (at least I do). But when we see ourselves in His light and listen to Him, these feelings go away, and the peace of the Lord will enter in! At least, that's my experience. ;)

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Excellent list! This helps me too: not closing each and every part of your story. If you leave some parts for the commenters, they are more likely to comment.

Do you experience this too?