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Are you sure we were listening to the same speech, laddie? Seems all I heard was "Obama this" and "Obama that" and "we need to elect Obama" and "Obama will not be another four years of Bush-McCain." You must have been on a different channel.

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That was funny. Thanks for sharing it. You realize, of course, that there are people (Republicans) out there who really believe stuff like that. In fact, I would not be the least surprised to see this posted as "fact" on a right-wing blog any day now. (If it hasn't already been.)

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I'm new to ID, having just added to my weblog this evening. I have to say that thus far I am impressed. You guys have put a lot of work into this, and it definitely shows.

Just one thing... I tried importing my existing Wordpress comments into the ID database, and it didn't seem to work. My blog is over 4 years old. Perhaps there were too many, or maybe this feature is still being worked on?

Also, I really like the way you have the comments show up on the same page on this blog. Can you tell us how that is done? Is it something the rest of us can do? (I was using a show/hide comments plugin with the WP comment system.)

Thanks... and sorry for babbling on so!