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So will a .22mag at close range, level III vest.

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Ok. Using the 9mm means shooting the other guy several times more than one would with a .45. Shooting a 9mm is a nice way to impress your girlfriend, as she can shoot the weapon without worry of recoil. However, a 9mm will penetrate farther through wood or steel than a .45. And--ricochet off of slanted surfaces, as will most high velocity rounds.
The wear would be my last worry--lot of .45 1911s still hanging around out there, many more mods and spin offs than any 9. For a reason.
Cops used to carry the .357 magnum, but stopped in favor of a 'less intimidating' pistol. Some depts. allowed .45s. Some, even 10mm.
I like the 10mm. However, the 9mm is politically correct and our NATO allies like PC. Girly rounds.
Like the 5.56mm, a round that the new rifleman can handle. Not the 7.62mm or the old 30-06 . . .
smaller rounds, higher velocity, on and on.
Materials tech will deal with higher wear factors.
The only qualification should be what does the most damage to the target, when its needed. And, is it made here?
Stupid to give your spares and mfg capability to a potential enemy . . .

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The airplane is simply a 737-800 modified for the sub hunter role. However, BAE received the contract for the tracking and commo and contracted with PRC manufacturers. The chips in the equipment failed, and were either fake, or those that worked had hardwired and software back doors. Bottom line, is the equipment failed. BAE had to punt.
The last I heard was that there were still ongoing problems with the electronics provided by BAE--by the Chinese. Nothing like letting the potential enemy build your submarine tracking MAD system and the weapons systems links that go with it.
Kind of like the telephony systems on some of our capital ships and some destroyers made by Huawei with backdoors for the Chicom military built in. Aren't we bright or what?

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As one who voted and worked for her election, who was close to the top during the gubernatorial election, who wrote for her, who is a 57 year Alaskan, Sarah Palin is a RINO. Period. She is not what she claims in the video. She did not CUT ANYTHING. Her budgets were the largest in Alaska's history to that time, she increased the size of State gov't by 800 employees. She disarmed the Alaska State Defense Force, our 32 USC 109(c) state only organized militia after 8 years as an armed State Military Police Constabulary without a blemish and numerous State disaster response call ups, and federal homeland security missions. She did this so that the State would have a FEDERAL ONLY disaster response in violation of the 2d Amendment of the United States and Art. 1 Sec. 19 of the Constitution of the State of Alaska. Sarah Palin is not what she says, not what she tells you she is, she is a mouth without substance.
Look at her record as governor!
She did not get Alaska a pipeline, she did nothing to alleviate the Cook Inlet/Kenai natural gas field depletion.
Let her talk, but never think that she can be President.
She turned her very short tenure as governor into a daily soap opera about her family and perceived slights.
She cannot beat Obama.
We have had almost four years of a terrible President.
Alaska had almost two years without a governor when she was in office!
Again, look at her record.

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Using your logic, and his, then why build the bullet line? It is one sixth the capacity of the Valdez line. Therefore, it will take 420 years to exhaust the NS gas reserves. Golly, we should not build it! Why, no one would explore for more gas!
Do you think the Nikkiski LNG train will stop operating if the Valdez line is built?
Have you ever wondered about the impact of 500mcf/da on the exploration incentive for Cook Inlet?
Nah, did not think so.
Why, Ralph said . . .
Come on.
Where were you in 2002, and how did you vote on Prop 3?

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And, not Samuels' open promotion by Fagan and Rydell?
That's hypocrisy.
Too, you cannot argue with the truth.
The Valdez line is the only pipeline option viable at this time.
We do it, or Alaska's economy crashes big time.

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Evidently, you believe what Fagan et al says about this guy. You failed to read his website, too, I bet.
Samuels is a pol, and nothing more.
He will screw us over, just like Parnell is trying to do with AGIA.
Send it all to Canada.
I don't think so.-
Maybe you have a problem understanding and comprehending the English language, I don't.--LDW

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My father was a Marine at the end of WWII. Before he shipped out to Okinawa, he said that John Wayne was a regular at one of the bars outside of Camp Pendleton, CA. Wayne would lock the doors of the bar and drink with the Marines until the bar closed.
Another regular was a Mexican whose family owned the original land grant from the King of Spain for San Diego and what became Camp Pendleton.

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What is it about the voter mandate of 2002 and 2006 that these folks just cannot understand?! Huggins wants the Noah line for Pt. McKenzie. Had Charlie been here most of his life, he would realize that any route not permitted will not happen within this decade. Huggins is another legislator who has ignored our mandate. He needs to be replaced for that reason.
Which pipeline route is permitted? The all-Alaska pipeline to Valdez.
A spur off of that line at Glennallen to Palmer ends the worries about gas for south central. When can construction start? It will start as soon as we have a governor who understands that Alaska has to lead, not wait, and that governor will be Bill Walker www.billwalkerforgovernor.com
If you voted for Prop 3 back in 2002 and voted again for the all-Alaske pipeline when you voted for Sarah Palin and Sean Parnell, then you need to back Walker. He can do the job, and Alaska will not finance the line as others say. Alaska will take a risk position.
The oil companies do not want to build a pipeline. Shale gas has changed the economics and eliminated the need for Alaska gas in the lower 48.
The oil companies will only build a pipeline if they get tax breaks like they did with TAPS. Won't happen, as NG is not a priority, like oil is.
Alaska has one opportunity and that is the LNG line to Valdez.
Parnell and Samuels have ignored the will of the people. Reject them, or suffer more of the same.
30+ years of excuses. ENOUGH!
Walker is the only candidate that promises to make our mandate reality.
Let's git 'er done! Vote for Walker!

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Check out AS 38.05.500-505 enacted by then Gov. Wally Hickel. Sarah Palin did nothing with her resolution. Sarah was a failure as our governor. I know, I contributed to her campaign, I supported her, I wrote for her campaign, and I spent time that I now regret getting her elected. Sarah Palin is a RINO.
Look at her record.