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Tea Party folks will claim they are libertarian on some issues. Not possible. Claiming such a thing is like saying you are a vegetarian except when you eat meat. Libertarianism is a philosophy based on the non-aggression principle. Tea Partiers love their war machine and want to force me to pay for it. That is an act of aggression, and very un-libertarian.

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Statists seem to always conveniently ignore the gun.

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I'm still not clear on what makes Sunday morning, or Christmas day, any different than another morning/day, and why it should cost $160.00/yr.

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If you are a former democrat now supporting the republicans, you have essentially gone from the frying pan into the fire. With them, you'll get more of the same.

I left the democrats 18 years ago, bypassed the statist republicans, and went right to the small "l" libertarian political philosophy

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O'Reilly and Hannity do not value freedom. They are statist dirtbags.

I'll keep an open mind with Beck (esp. after dedicating an entire show to Hayek's "Road to Serfdom")

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Right, elect the architect of Obamacare. He's just another statist scumbag (like Palin)

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Please. These were mandated by state and local law for the most part. It was illegal for businesses to serve people of color. The funny thing is, public opinion was turning in favor of ignoring these laws, and business were starting to serve them (a good thing).

As usual, the Feds were late to the game with their Civil Rights act of 1964 (signed by a southern democrat, no less), thus proclaiming themselves to be the great emancipators once again. So now, thanks to our benevolent masters, we still have no freedom of association.

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I've been promoting the freedom/liberty message since the mid '90's, and am now in my mid 40's. I don't associate myself with the Tea Party folks much, but I do point out inconsistencies when necessary. When I used to talk about freedom/liberty, many people would look at me as if I had a third eye. Even during the 2008 campaign, when I was promoting Ron Paul, I'd get brushed aside as someone with kooky ideas. It is amazing how things have changed in such a short period. I've always had faith the the younger generation would get it, and push back by rejecting the previous generations politics. They should, seeing how they will be the ones left holding the bill long after the folks who created the mess are gone.

To the article's point, I'm glad to see people continuing along the path to freedom by addressing the civil liberties part. To me, freedom is an absolute. One is either free, or not free. Demanding freedom and liberty for one's self while imposing tyranny on others, is self defeating. Take the AZ law, for instance. This issue hits close to home for many of the newly baptized freedom/liberty minded Tea Party folks. They would rather see my freedom imposed upon by having a fellow American who's only authority is derived through the barrel of a gun demand that I prove my citizenship. I should never be forced to do that (unless I'm coming back into the country, perhaps). And the notion that the police need probable cause? They will find a way to find it if they want to see my papers. ( unfortunately, it is already happening - )

My solution is along the civil liberties path, and very simple. Eliminate welfare, end that horribly expensive failure known as the war on drugs, and streamline the immigration process (no country just lets people in, but neither are their immigration processes as cumbersome or expensive as the U.S.)

Again, one is either free, or not free. There is no in between.

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People aren't 'given' or granted rights, they are born with them (and not just the people born within imaginary lines in the sand called borders). The idea behind the Bill of Rights is to list those rights your government is supposed to protect (something it is becoming less inclined to do)