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Ah Harry Potter my "not-so-guilty" pleasure. Have you ever seen the film "Yes Man"? If so, I'm the Norman, I throw crazy hilarious themed parties, including Harry Potter. I usually dress up at Ginny Weasley as I'm a natural ginger myself but I have been known to do a great Ron as well. I have multiple costumes so it wouldn't be highly unlikely that I'd dress up to attend a sneak preview!

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this film is going to be a tearfest. but honestly, I can't wait, the novel is a favorite of mine.

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I enjoyed Royal Pains, usually I'm not a fan of any "doctor" shows (i.e. ER, Grey's Anatomy, Scrubs) but I was able to be drawn in during just the Pilot episode. Absolutely looking forward to this weeks.

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I haven't watched last nights episode yet, but I'm looking forward after reading this. Last years and and previous seasons really bored me.

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This years WWDC did not overwhelmingly impress me, I'm on my third iPhone (have only paid for one of them) but doubt I'll be upgrading anytime soon. I was only looking forward to multimedia text messaging.

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I like his honesty, his vocals not so much

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Most of these look like great summer films. My Sisters Keeper was such a great book so I am really looking forward to it. As for The Ugly Truth, if Gerard Butler is in the film you'll more than likely find me in that theater, such a hunker. I'm a huge Sandra Bullok fan and wasn't able to catch one of the many pre-screenings for The Proposal so I'll definitely be seeing this as well, hopefully there will be many rainy days this season so I can catch most of them.

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I have mixed feelings about this, I'm not a huge fan of the actual GG show, but watched this episode because I find Snow and Ritter adorable. I liked their story more than the stuck up girls of the Upper East Side and would vote for a swap in shows but we all know that will never happen.

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Kris gets my vote every time. He's so precious and by my own personal opinion a much better performer than Adam Lambert ~bleh!~

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I am very excited about this film. Especially since they're releasing it onto Blu-Ray...I unfortunately missed it in theaters and now I'll be able to enjoy it in a much better setting, my own living room/bedroom in great quality!