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This is an interesting post, Standford. This is actually something I've thought a lot about. I think that there are a number of blogger superstars, Naomi and Johnny included, who have risen to fame by being their bad-ass self. And, I think this is a good approach for them. The problem is when people try to be that way when it doesn't exactly fit their personality. Trying to adopt the brash humor of Naomi or the balls-to-the-wall approach of Johnny if that's not really your style will just come off with a thud, and make you look like a copycat to boot.

The real challenge is to find a way to stand out that matches your personality and style. Using salty language for the hell of it just isn't going to fly. I think for many people, the approach for being different is going to be far more subtle. Would you agree?

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This is a great post! I think that a shared vision where the entire team participates is integral in developing a healthy and thriving team. Certainly, that would top my list as well.

One thing I would add is that trust is also an important component to team building. If you can't trust your team to do the right thing, it's hard to create a positive environment. I've seen so many workplaces put so many rules and restrictions in place to make sure employees do the right thing. Great teams don't need that. If you trust your team and give them appropriate responsibility for their actions, they will do the right thing without having to put consequences in place.