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I was also disappointed by the small number of restaurants. This is usually my favourite downtown event.

I liked all 5 dishes, but agree about the tortilla on Harper's taco - was expecting a lot more from them. Enjoyed Olivea's ratatouille, but it was a tad spicy for me. The dish I liked best was AquaTerra's terrine. Only one when I went back for seconds of.

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Hi Natalia,

Once a year we ask that people update their information. The email reminder part is new, but the We also need to ensure that our users are still living within Kingston or Frontenac County as the majority of our funding is municipal.

This is a fairly common practice as far as I know.

Feel free to email us at askalibrarian @ if you have any other questions.

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Or if you already have a library card, maybe take a trip to a branch you have never visited before. Kingston Transit can get you there:

P.S. I'm in! Proud library card holder since 1999 and KFPL employee since 2006.

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I LOVE the M-Centre Market. LOVE! Easy parking, good selection of LOCAL vendors and fun extras such as chalk drawing and the dude with the turtles. Definitely worth checking out if you haven't made it there yet.

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If you can't Grow a Row, you could think about volunteering to help deliver the donated food!

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I'm not familiar with Pill Hill or the Golden Triangle. Can someone please explain?

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Definitely in for this one. So many great shops and proprietors downtown. Have already received excellent service and purchased some great stuff at Rocking Horse and need to hit Novel Idea, Cooke's and others too.

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The Christmas concert sounds amazing! Will definitely try to make it to that.

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There was talk (maybe in the Whig) about Jack Astor's moving into the old TD building at 330 King.

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This poll certainly brightened up a dreary Monday for me. Thanks for the library love, Kingstonist. Looking forward to not only seeing which branch your readers choose, but also the reasons behind their choice.