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305 weeks ago @ Naked Security - Facebook clickjackers ... · 2 replies · +2 points

the so-called "gates" pictured above seem to match (at least visually) what the company's ceo fehzan ali describes as "content locking" in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKGucGzGgNo

351 weeks ago @ Naked Security - LulzSec, Anonymous and... · 1 reply · +1 points

sucks to be me, then. i have nearly as many email addresses as i have passwords - somewhere in the low triple digit range. using this sort of service would be entirely impractical for me.

358 weeks ago @ Naked Security - LastPass forces users ... · 0 replies · +1 points

your browser can be tricked into divulging the passwords it has stored - in some cases even if it's protected by a master password.

frankly, anything that automatically responds to page content by inserting a saved password (whether it's the browser itself or a plug-in) has the potential to be tricked.

362 weeks ago @ Naked Security - Facial recognition sof... · 0 replies · +1 points

the john malkovich on a stick one would probably work. having worked with facial recognition technology in the past it's been my experience that photos are generally good at fooling the system.

364 weeks ago @ Naked Security - Opinion: Thief punishe... · 0 replies · +3 points

if i'm not mistaken, the laptop owner did not actually record the thief - the thief recorded himself (why else do that right in front of the computer's camera while looking into the camera - i've seen the video) and the laptop owner simply gained access to the recording through the online backup facility (the video got backed up).

if i'm correct then that changes the character of what happened significantly and this case no longer serves as a good example of the deeper point carole was trying to make.

as to carole's point, though, society cannot function if we have to involve the authorities for each and every interpersonal conflict. authorities do not scale up all that well so we have to try to work out these sorts of minor differences for ourselves if we can.

364 weeks ago @ Naked Security - Coin Lock, an end to M... · 0 replies · +1 points

using different passwords is certainly a good idea. might i also suggest the use of forwarding disposable email addresses when signing up to services like this? that way your "username" doesn't actually give an attacker any information about where the true inbox containing the coin lock email is.

367 weeks ago @ Naked Security - DarkComet RAT author d... · 0 replies · 0 points

bizarre arguments against the trojan label are bizarre.

it's creator labeled it a trojan, intended for it to be one, and succeeded.

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"To be honest, my feeling is that Westboro Baptist Church probably revels in feeling persecuted, and probably gets a perverse kick out of receiving the attention of the world's media and groups such as Anonymous."

in other words, what we have here is a troll-fight. troll vs. troll and the one that gets the most attention wins.

370 weeks ago @ Naked Security - Microsoft says 'Good r... · 0 replies · 0 points

i humbly submit that if autoplay automatically runs things, and autorun pops up a dialog that lets you play audio/video/whatever from the removable storage medium, then the names are completely backwards.

not that i'd put it past microsoft to name things like that, however.

hmm, this page ( http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/connect/usb/usbfaq.mspx ) seems to suggest that they actually named things intelligently (if you scroll down to the question "What must I do to trigger AutoRun on my USB storage device?"

370 weeks ago @ Naked Security - Microsoft says 'Good r... · 2 replies · +1 points

as vesselin pointed out to me some years ago (complete with microsoft documentation) autorun didn't automatically launch programs when inserting a standard flash memory drive into the USB port (CDs, DVDs, and U3 capable flash drives are a different matter). they can automatically launch programs when you double click on the drive in windows explorer, however.