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Great, I'm visiting Pakistan right away next week, and there I'm endorsing a new age of co-operative idealism for voting for or against the Taliban. Idealism I believe can also be the right of conformist people to decide what to dream about in the values of sharing OR owning property.

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Ahaah, yes!! 'Economic improvement' is the definition for democracy in the upcoming elections. N/T.

I still haven't found out if Islam really subscribes to 'greed satisfied' as a form of religious faith.

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Mr. Khamenei, comment out loud what an election is supposed to be for Allah, the gracious, the merciful, and you won't have to dread the results in those awkward ways again. Late into the night you will see that the working man of Iran has his mercy for Loving from the change in the heart for his Jobs, his livelihood and his compassion for his family (as a result of his possible Win or Not).

He needs to win if the results have no justice. Agreed. We suffer elections to the End in the West.

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But the present grand Ayatollah just seems to be ashamed to be infantile with respect to these matters. For all intents and purposes He will become without a Soul for all of these corruptions. His soul dissolved to insuler, at best, martyrdom and, at worst, man of resentment.

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Naturally, Israelis think we need to protected as lovers of the Devil for some sort of Loving intentions of Peace. Sorry, Israel and Netanyahu, we are well aware of many BAD intentioned people in the middle east, pro-Semite or Anti-semite. Let these good intentions be respected.

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I hail the police of Pakistan. These are well educated people who very communicative. All involved trust THEM.

They are the most under-rated group of consellors for the justice of humanity.