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ITS NOT DSHS that is paying. Its US....The FREAKING TAX PAYERS! That is the part that is utter BULL CRAP

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Everything has gone up............. FOOD, HOUSING, GAS, MEDICAL........EVERYTHING........... EXCEPT OUR PAYCHECKS! Sad... just freaking sad! No wonder in my medical office I see so many on DSHS. Speaking of DSHS.... I know they pay for housing, medical and food and yes..free cell phones...do they help with gas?? I heard just today that if you go to Starbucks and show your provider one card you get a free coffee. Someone please tell me that isnt true.

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Cheers to the homeowner. I agree.... one less scumbag and money saved!

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sure...right after I give you my online baking account and pw and my personal email info. Good grief.

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Smart lady!! Find something you are knowledgeable about and make a living at it. You go girl.

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Im about ready to leave AT&T. I have had the same blackberry for four years now. I used it for calls and texting. I dont use internet on it at all. After 4 years on the same plan they just now have forced me to pay an extra $20 a month for a data package that I dont use. I told them my plan has been the same and I dont use it. They dont care...they just want my money. Its crap!

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I hope the kids were not there.

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I saw this video this AM and LOVED IT! We live in Tacoma and kids go to Stadium where part was filmed. What a great talent. It really made my morning.

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I have NEVER heard of a security guard at a school have a reason or authority to call kids out of a class without an administrator present . That should have been a RED flag immediately!!!!!!!! Stadium screwed up there. And I do have a child that goes there.

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I am all for cancer research. My best friend has BC, another died from it.... I just dont think Barbie is the answer. Yes... we need funds. Just saying let kids toys be kids toys. Thats all. But I am fully in support of raising funds. for BC.
Bless you and I pray you beat this