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And don't neglect to contact and keep educating your state's legislative representatives, too. The feds aren't going to relinquish control without continuous pressure from the states.

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This video made the rounds a while back, but I think it illustrates the idea that the founders had greater affinity for the anarchist end of the political spectrum than they did for the authoritarian. Given that, I would much rather see the national argument be between Republicans and Libertarians instead of between Republicans and the current incarnation of Democrats. I'm by no means an anarchist, but I think an anarchist and I could have a good conversation :)


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I'm gradually beginning to feel that there's a deep psychosis that runs throughout humanity that causes us to simultaneously yearn for and loathe the idea of freedom. A few weeks ago, Jackie Chan suggested that, just as the Chinese are starting to experience economic freedom, the "Chinese need to be controlled" or else they'll "just do what [they] want." That story stuck with me.

It's like a kind of Stockholm syndrome. The more tyranny people experience, the more they want to please the masters. It's easier to surrender. Freedom is scary. Responsibility is scary. And there are a great number of people out there who would rather surrender their individuality to the collective and be told what to do, rather than than work for and take responsibility for themselves.

That malaise and fear is something that we have to address when we appeal to people.