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Another Godaddy FAQ is this one:

A colleague is in the middle of working through this.

RE Godaddy Service Quality
BTW, an 800# for a call center is not priced the same as one for a residential line.
I've had mixed results with Godaddy service quality (including some raised-voice, escalated calls), but I find that they in the top tier within their price range. That said, the standards for "consumer" webhosting are not high. You don't have to look hard to find a web host with no FAQ system at all. As with any organization, their call center suffers spikes, and some reps are better than others at fielding specific types of problems. It's a challenging environment; consider the diversity of products and offerings. Much smaller firms where you can get the principals on the phone are better, but those folks burn out and have to delegate. It's a fascinating CRM / technology / knowledge management problem, but not when you're the use case.