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The captain is supposed to be the last to leave. What prevented that?

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Illegal - and legal immigration the way we are now doing it - are my issues in 2012. If we won't control who is here, and who is coming, we are no longer a sovereign nation, and have let the Trojan Horses inside our walls! I want a candidate with a clear record of understanding of this issue, and actions to prove that understanding is not just words.

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Affirmative action grades likely also.

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It drives me nuts!
"...it is hard to avoid the perception that a conflict of interest exists,” the two wrote."
No! There appears to be a conflict of interest! Why the weasel words? These criminals deserve respect? Why not a Special Prosecutor - NOW?

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Unless his lower brain kicks in. How smart has he been in his personal life? Right.

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I also agree! The greatest danger is conservatives splitting the conservative vote, and Romney emerging as the winner - a reprise if 2008 when we got McCain,

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Fair is fair! Y'all voted for him!

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Bind that sucker with a G.O.O.O.H. type pledge! If he doesn't seal the borders, he will resign within 4 days!

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Why the focus just on Soetoro/Obama? What about the Congress and the Federal courts? We, at this point probably, have an unConstitutional Commander-in-Chief! Our check and balance systems have demonstrably failed We the People. What, besides the Second Amendment, will stop this before it is too late? And, November 2012 is likely too late....

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Well, many Muslims just use their finger to clean themselves - if they do it, why not us? Think of the trees that would be saved! Oh! Do they use toilet paper in the White House these days?