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Pastor Jeffress doesn't speak for me, as a Christian or otherwise.

We don't live in a theocracy, and there is nothing about Mormonism that is antithetical to the constitution, or makes Gov. Romney capable of performing the office of president, should it come to that.

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Anybody 'calls a dachshund a wiener dog has earned a point on my balance sheet.

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I love Winston Churchill, may his memory be a blessing.

What would make a great ad? I thought this one hit it out of the park, so to speak.

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Thank you for the video, and your thoughts. I doubt whether I'll make it out to see the memorial myself.

Which buildings were packed with people after 911? Churches. We might do well to help our friends and neighbors find their way to a place of worship, to ask and get answers to the question "Where do I go where I die?" An excellent church in Manhattan is pastored by Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian. Let me recommend it, and visit the church website here: http://www.redeemer.com/.

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This presupposes that a man cannot represent a woman constituent, and that a woman will necessarily represent women better than a man could.


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Well done.

Part of refusing the liberals' narrative is refusing to accept incorrect word definitions.

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Hooray for America, and Happy Birthday!

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Declaration Entertainment, either a one-time gift or as little as $10 a month. They're beginning their first movie already. Bill Whittle, Jeremy Boering, and I think one other fellow. Great movies that we actually want to see, made by honorable men who love America. What could be better?

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Fort Jackson, SC, March - June 1979. A-6-2, my DI wore the blue rope of the DI of the year for the year prior. Scared the crap out of us all, still does. Love and respect in equal measure. Sounds crazy except to everybody who's been there.

I still have to step off with my left foot, and have to force myself to carry things in my right hand walking on the street.

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Ann Coulter's newest book title is "Demonic." Anybody out there doubt that's the truth?