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Abdul came down with the Mid east version of Whopping cough. But he\'ll be back for a recap. Thanks for asking and I will pass on your best wishes to Abdul. Best, Matt

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Hey HYSM, usually I am so mature and easy going and you know--wise -- because I\'m in my 50\'s -- that I don\'t need to belittle your sense of humor or irony or life philosophy. Tempting and fun to rip on somebody but I won\'t. Twisted Spoke takes an entertaining and unique look at the world of pro bike racing. If humor is not your thing, stick with cyclingnews. They take themselves very seriously and maybe you do, too. Keep reading if you like something different from the other 50 cycling news websites. I also write serious and fun stuff for Cycle Sport magazine. Then again, they may be too crazy for ya. If your world is small and you like it that way, then enjoy. Matt

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Sagan is scary good. I aw him up close at the Tour of California. He\'s one of those rare guys that\'s just naturally muscular without ever doing weight work. He\'s a bull. I think he\'s a bigger talent than perhaps Boassen Hagen.

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Too bad the Croatian federation turned him down. We had a hilarious story going. Matt

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Thanks Laurence, I will definitely read it. Best, Matt

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Glad to hear you got a laugh or two out of that. Matt

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You know that\'s why I do, baby! I get the fascinating crumbs the pros chose to ignore. Matt

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Timely recipe -- now that cherry tomatoes are popping out of everyone's gardens right now.

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I\'m there, baby, from first rest day on to Paris. But you gotta give me some more info on all this. Matt

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