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Of course, if I have to keep making test cakes during the next year, I might have trouble with the whole 'fitting into the wedding dress' part :-)

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I'm not planning on having an official wedding cake either. I love cake but I hate the way wedding cakes are slathered in far too much icing; I find it far too sweet and cloying, I think it ruins the cake. So I'm thinking about having a cake table with lots of simple homemade cakes instead. Our wedding is going to be vintage based and our reception will probably be in a Victorian village hall, so that will suit our style far more than a posh wedding cake. I'll either draft in friends to make them or find some recipes that can cope with being frozen. Also considering having an afternoon tea party, in which case, they'll serve several varieties of cake.

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It would be nice if they would turn up on time but that's the problem with muses. I often suspect that my own personal muse spends a lot of the year gadding off to Caribbean islands to drink cocktails, flirt with men and get a nice all over tan. Certainly she never seems to be around when I want her. Then she shows up at 3am when I'm trying to get to sleep and won't shut up! It's like having one of those exhausting and frustrating friends who you can't give up because they're just so fascinating.

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Exactly Stacey, it's all about the process and the only way that you get skilled is through that continuous process.

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That's OK, Natalia, I am hopelessly late in replying! Nice to see your blog post about Miro, I love his work.

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Thanks Steven, welcome to the blog. I hope your daily drawing practice is going well.

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We're talking about two different things here, I think. I am talking about the creative process and how vital it is to make LOTS of stuff so that you eventually get to the good work. Writers don't publish the first draft of their novels and visual artists often need to paint over a canvas several times before they get something they're happy with. It's about not believing that you have to do something right the first time, that's a recipe for creative disaster in my experience.

It's also not about new ideas versus old ideas. An artist might explore one single idea for the whole of their life but they still need to be constantly making iterations of that idea.

I'm also not talking about throwing things out. If you click on the link in the article, you'll see that I often keep my own rubbish art work so that I can learn from it.

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Me too - this was very much a post that I wrote to myself. :-)

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I assumed that Kovarion we see on the base is actually a ganger and that Rory or the pirates have locked her in a cell somewhere. At some point, the real Kovarion breaks the link and dissolves her ganger - everyone's busy at this point, so they don't notice. She then either calls the Doctor from her real location or has left a coded message on the base system that's set to play at a specific time.

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Hello everyone, this is my first comment here.

So I'm not sure what's going on either but I predict that the part at the very start of the season where the Doctor is showing up in random films in Rory and Amy's flat is going to eventually be hugely important. I think there's some kind of clever timey-wimey stuff going on there.

I also think the fact that the Doctor doesn't try to find the little girl at the end of Day of The Moon may be important. I thought at the time that it was a little out of character for him to invest so much time attempting to save her and then just blithely abandon her. Yes, he likes to run away but it seemed a little 'off'. I think he's already figured out that something is badly wrong - has he already seen the weird scans of Amy when he says 'let's go and have adventures'?

Of course, I'm still waiting for a payoff on the duck pool that doesn't contain ducks, so I may be reading too much into all this.