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Actually you can. I managed to get them to work together on my own and i'm not a programmer. I made a tweak in sociable(that i found on some random blog) so that I can invite an unlimited number of fb friends although I'm sure facebook will block this at some point. Which makes me wonder why it's taking intense debate so long to figure out what I figured out in a few days. Where's facebook connect? I never received a notification to trial it and I was one of the first to post here? I've actually stopped using intense debate due to lack of support response. They seriously lost out on a potentially massive number of new users given my site readership. I ended up creating my own commenting system which is identical to intense debate in every way(literally I copied it) except mine integrates sociable and Google friend connect and runs about 5x faster b/c it's all internal. I just took snippets from the best resources i could find on the web and pasted it all together. Not that hard to do and that's coming from someone who has zero programming experience. The idea of intense debate is nice but when your site is banking on +50,000 hits a day, you need all the speed you can get and ID was like having a lead anchor tied to my site. All i know is that my page load time went from 5 seconds to .8 seconds after dropping ID. Seriously. Maybe there was a conflict with another a plugin. Who knows? Never could get anyone from ID to help me out. My site is password protected and undergoing a massive revamp so maybe that's why. if you need my commenting code, just let me know. Not going to post it b/c that would pretty much put this company out of business. I would have posted it in their plugins section but given that they don't seem to care much about the customer, I'll just keep it for myself. Sorry for the rant. Just a little annoyed. .

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Nice Blog!:)

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I agree

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Love the commenting system. Very cool!