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By the same token, the Superman animated series by the same team is for me the definitive Superman. Not only did they manage to make ridiculous concepts like Mr. Mxyzptlk and Titano The Super-Ape work, their portrayal of Superman was spot-on: friendly by default, commanding when he needed to be, never a dick or a buffoon. It's a portrayal that Justice League/Justice League Unlimited never managed to capture, despite everything else they got right (which was pretty much everything else).

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I'm not sure when the internet passed me by - I mean, I've been on some version of the internet since the mid-80s, I was there for LOLcats, and Leeeeeroy Jeeeeenkins, and so many others. But when I see the entire goddamn internet losing their everloving minds over a picture of a dog, and not even a particularly interesting or amusing picture, I think I have to just walk away, pull my pants up to my nipples, and find a random teenager to harangue about the volume of their music.

And to everyone insisting that my government-backed, FDIC-insured "real" money is every bit as imaginary as your DogeCoins, or McKaylaMoney, or PedoBearPesos: you're adorable.

Though having said that, I'd buy into Fancy Bastard Francs...

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Hey Joel! I couldn't make it to Con this year, but my friend Chris Mowrer said he met you and told you about our webcomic The Sub-Basement. Hope you like it, and I hope I can make it next year!

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I prefer to think that, if coffee had never been invented, we would have remained surly monsters. Just think how much EVEN WORSE society would be without coffee!

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I like my coffee the way I like my women...

...ground up and in the freezer.

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But then there's the chance that someone put artificial sweetener in it before they left it, and that's worse than no coffee. Plus, after Breaking Bad...

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Hmm...I can't really abide by not drinking coffee, but live and let live. As long as he's not this person I've encountered at every job I've ever had:

ME (arriving at where the coffee is and finding a full cup already under the dispenser): Oh, is this your coffee?

ONLY OTHER PERSON IN THE ROOM (with self-righteous disdain): I would never put *that* in my body.

ME: So...not yours, then?

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The moment that hooked me on Arrow came pretty early; when Diggle started to suspect that this spoiled rich kid who kept disappearing on him was actually up to something - and then Oliver trusted him enough to let him in on his secret identity. If it were Smallville, Diggle would have actually seen him and recognized him - then he would have gotten hit on the head and conveniently forget. Seriously, everyone on that show was suffering massive head trauma, all so they could adhere to the bullshit "no tights, no flights" rule.

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Your kid is a real scene-stealer, Joel! How long before she gets her own spinoff strip?

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Fridge Largemeat! Gristle McThornbody!