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AKD is 100% right. Please ignore them, Michael. The rest of us see it for what it is. I have never believed you to have an anti-semitic bone in your body, you just see this lobby's influence for what it is, and that is a danger to our National Security. Further, you appear to be a devout Christian, a Dad, a Husband and a Scholar. Someday, if we elect a great President, you may be called to serve the nation once again, hopefully as a senior member of the State Department or Pentagon.

As you may hear people on the internet say from time to time, DON'T FEED THE TROLLS!

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Michael --- This guy seems about as together in the head as Jared Loughner. Maybe someone should pay him a visit to see what his problem is. These unhinged, obsessive types can be dangerous.

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Truth. Patriots are often hated by the establishment. Michael Scheuer is probably one of the most red-white-blue blooded Americans I know.

Unlike a lot of the Charlatans out there selling/pushing something, Michael just lays down the truth as he and many of us see it, take it or leave it.

In the worst of all worst scenarios, he will be amongst friends out in the heartland with us.

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You know Mike, I have been reading your work since 2005. I'm a young guy and just starting my family, and more than just the issue above, but how all these issues intertwine on a macro level, things just don't look good for us all. I'm not well versed in world history, but it seems like conflict typically arises from ethnic/religious strife, and as an old-stock American protestant, I loathe and detest what I see as a predominantly Islam/Judaism conflict, being battled on the airwaves here and on the ground overseas.

Perhaps it is simply that we're bombarded constantly with news. And maybe that is a blessing in disguise, a clarion call to prepare for whatever may be down the line. But it also makes some young people wonder if having kids is even a good idea. I don't think any parent wants to bring kids into a world filled with strife and turmoil. Of course, that has occurred throughout human history, but it really makes some of us examine our futures.

Hope you keep writing!

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Live and learn, Dave. Insulting a person in private is perfectly acceptable, and they may thank you for it afterward. Insulting them in public, and they tend to think you are serious. You should know how unbelievably vicious the internet can be, and that someone in your position, when mocking or belittling a group that likely consists of a majority of well-meaning people, can cause you a lot of grief. Nutters are nutters. Liberals have them, evangelicals, Paul's crew, neocons, etc, all have nutballs. Dismissing and ridiculing the population based on a small sample of the extreme, causes the rest to turn on you. Prudence is your friend. I think you'll have a great career, and look forward to reading more of your reporting. - mrjuggles

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Well said as always, Mike.

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Right, because having the United States as the check on Iran stepping in for Iraq is less palatable than having Saddam whose launched SCUDs at Israel as the "check." Come on now. Many a wine glass were clinked on the invasion in D.C. by Team Israel, now finally having an allied stop-gap between them and Iran, instead of Saddam.

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I think you make a great point that hardly any officials, if any, stepped up to support Thomas's right to free speech as protected by the first amendment. It really makes one wonder (about the Israel-firsters influence). People are probably afraid to comment on your posts, but I think there is real growth in non-interventionist views within our citizenry. It is always nice to see you aren't holding back any punches when they need to be thrown.

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You know what kills me Mike, is the constant and incessant whining by right-wing jews about how left-wing jews vote. Give me a break! They're 2% of the U.S. population, and they can get 75 senators to do whatever they demand! Probably well over 300 congresspeople will do the same, and his two top advisers are both jewish. Who cares if they vote left! if anything, it provides a good smoke-screen to Americans who don't realize they're putting their kids in harms way for an elective war.

Keep writing Brother!

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"Neo-pagan?" Does not compute...