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I never understood church rankings/ratings or the importance of them. It might be a good way to get people in the door to a particular church but if that church can't keep 'em coming back, then it's really not worth it. Can't see this as a valuable tool --but I've been wrong before.

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Just finished Andy's new book last month. Would love to be able to go to Catalyst and hear him speak as well as the other speakers. Thanks for the opportunity.

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You said it. And thanks for mentioning the marketplace. It's amazing to me to see the lack of clarity in business as it relates to a web or interactive strategy. Deadlines and budgets seem to trump clarity more often than not.

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Good post! Great to see Followers/Follows becoming more about quality than quanity. When will the spammer marketers learn.

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Totally agree John. They did a fantastic job creating a community with their design and flow. NPOnline is next! :)

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Great comments. There's definitely a balance between SEO and social media. I just wonder when I see organizations focusing so much on getting people to their site (SEO) and not focusing on what's going to keep users coming back. If the content or product isn't good, to me, it won't matter how many people come to their site.

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Looks like a great book. Very timely. Excited to read it.

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Failed last night, was checking in on my daughter asleep and moved a toy from her arm and woke her up. My wife was not happy since she had to feed her to get her to go back to sleep. :(

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How can URL shortening affect SEO? Since the shorteners use random characters, how will this have an impact?

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Tony your last sentence is the key. John Piper has said that preaching/hearing the word of God changes lives. And honestly, some do it better than others. If can bring great preaching to local churches by being a supplement to local pastors, then I say what a great resource. I'm more interested in seeing people in my local church have their lives changed and not so concerned whether ego's of local pastors are dinged.