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Hello Bloggers,
I want to thank you all. I have been following the HGTV Green and Dream homes for the last three years but I never knew about the blogs. I have loved every single home but this Plymouth home has been by far my favorite. My family thinks I’m absolutely crazy because everyday I’m looking at the pictures and dreaming of living there and for the past week every time a car drives by my heart stops as I run to the nearest window. So for the longest time I thought I was the only one feeling this way and then I found this blog and realized I’m not alone. So I wanted to say thank you to all you wonderful bloggers thank you for letting me know I might be a little crazy for these HGTV homes but at least I’m not alone. ☺

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Thank you Carrie McGee, Gail and HGTV! The Carrie McGee installation was my favorite piece of artwork in the HGVT Green home. Whoever wins will be one lucky person.

To make my house more eco-friendly I recycle everything I can and conserve as much utilities as possible (turning off lights when I'm not in the room, turning off the water when washing dishes or brushing my teeth and keeping the heat low in the winter and using the air conditioner only when absolutely necessary).

Thanks again for the great opportunity to win this amazing piece of artwork.