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<< at what point does our side become vulnerable to the same "Shut up and sing" criticisms we toss at the left?

I don't know what that point would be-- but we're not even close to being there yet, imo. You know, though-- even if the music or art is apolitical, it would be preferable if those creating it weren't Leftist idiots slamming America whenever they get the chance.

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You know, we know exactly what "phallus" represents. Do you really think we believe they're studying dick sizes and shapes? Regardless, this doesn't change the thrust (pun intended) of the class and what is likely being taught-- which is that women have been oppressed by this patriarchal society and that women are the victims of "gender" oppression. Your comment about the class being used to "hammer the consumer capitalist" is just idiocy and more of the same. The main point here is this idiotic Leftist indefensible ideology you're defending. You believe that "baggers" (your term) don't see nuance. We see nuance but then we get off the fence while you remain there indefinitely. We make knowledgeable decisions and understand the importance of issues while you remain discussing the picayune details of things that no longer matter.

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That was the FIRST thing I said, too.

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Also, I just read all your comments and love them (I went on your comment stream). Are you on FB? Thanks for fighting the good fight.

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haha. . . I can see why! Good luck making those people see sense!

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Thanks for responding. Good point about Islam. Islam actually does make it Muslims' obligation to make the planet a world-wide umma-- by force if necessary. And, only some on the Right try to point that out. Still, this is the kind of error that deserves its own post and retraction by the author.

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This is an asinine comment. Why do you think that Jews help eachother out? Because nobody else does. That's why. Jews also donate more to NON Jewish causes than others. . . they donate more to liberal causes (unfortunately) than they donate to Jewish causes. Who is helping out Israel now? The minority of Jews who are not on the Left and the evangelical Christians.

It's not racist nor is it illegal to help out the group you identify with. Irish donate to Irish causes. Italians donate to Italian causes, Christians often donate to Christian causes. People donate and help out others who are likeminded and who have shared experiences. Irish people have scholarships for irish children, Firefighters have scholarships for children of firefighters. Why shouldn't Jews help out Jews, too? Your comment is ignorant in addition to being racist.

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Ugh. . there are so many comments here that I'm sure the author won't see mine. Interesting article, but he says, "Jews, on the other hand, have firmly held that they were specifically chosen by God to rule the earth." NO NO NO NO!!! The whole "Chosen People" thing does NOT mean this at all. It means, they were chosen to carry the Torah through time-- to carry the Word of God. It does NOT mean that Jews were chosen to rule the earth. OMG-- this is the basis of so much anti-Semitism, I'm actually horrified to read this egregious error.

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Animal Rights activism is inherently leftist. Sorry. You're wrong. Ingrid Newkirk said "A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy." Leftists believe animals should be afforded the same rights as humans. That is not a conservative position since conservatives believe HUMANS have inherent rights and that human life is sacred. As much as I love animals (and, believe it or not, I used to be a nutcase PETA member years ago), they are not the same as humans. When I was a nutcase PETA member, there was some debate about the first use of a baboon heart to save a human life. I, like all my PETA comrades, believed no Baboon should be used to save a human life because we believed animal life was equal to human life. No conservative would take that position and, if they did, it would have to do with other reasoning-- not because baboons' lives are equal to humans.

Have you looked at this?: Peta also ruins personal property. You're against furs, but that doesn't give Peta people the right to throw buckets of red paint over property they don't own, They have since disavowed this practice, but they used to do it regularly in the 80s and 90s.

Animal Liberation Front is a violent organization, too. Steven Best co-founded both the Earth Liberation and the Animal Liberation front and wrote "Revolution: Voices in Defense of Earth" Even the ADL (leftist organization) names them as a "terrorist organization". And, they don't bomb? Yes, they do:

Just because it's a Leftist cause, doesn't mean all the work is bad, soleil. Nobody wants to see animals needlessly suffer, as far as I know. And, I love my two kitties (but not as much as my children). But, yes, animal rights groups are leftist.

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Libertyship-- you ought to read Jayna Davis' The Third Terrorist which is impeccably sourced.