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Sorry about the broken download link folks...the plugin I use to manage downloads issued an update that caused a few issues. It has been rectified now, but I'll be adding a link to the plugin listing at WP Extend so if this happens in the future, it shouldn't be so hard to get the plugin.

Again, sorry for the confusion.

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First off, sorry for taking so long to post back...between having a 6 month old, and work, I've been swamped! :)

I'm not sure why you guys are seeing the errors on activation. I have downloaded the plugin from both here and from WP Extend and both work fine. If you're having issues, I'd recommend deleting the plugin from your plugins folder and try installing it again either from a download or via the Plugin Search function, both work equally well).

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It took a bit more than that, but a new version was just released this morning that fixes the double Category link issue and added support for custom taxonomies. Downloads both here and at WP Extend have been updated, so grab the new version.

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This has been addressed (it was a stupid error on my part caused by not enough coffee :) ), however, you'll need to manually download the plugin in order to resolve it. I forgot to change the location of the required files in the code, so it threw an error when you tried to activate it.

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The current version will work on WP 2.7.1. When I started converting
to the new Widgets API, I thought it was going to be an either/or
proposition, but I figured out how to keep it compatible with both

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My bad folks...looks like I let one slip by. The problem was the
default options were not being set correctly at plugin activation.
This has been addressed, but unfortunately, the automatic upgrade issue
has not. To get the new version, download it from here and install it

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Strange...I'm not seeing this issue on any of the blogs I have the
plugin installed on...does it give an error, or just not display

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There is an issue when you use the automatic update feature. It creates an erroneous folder that contains the actual plugin folder. For the time being, please refrain from using the automatic upgrade. If you have already upgraded via the automatic method and the plugin disappeared from your plugins list, just ftp to your WP install, go into the plugin directory, and move the 'tag_cloud' directory from the 'configurable-tag-cloud-widget' directory to the main plugins directory. After you do this, you can activate the plugin as normal.

Sorry for the issues...I'm trying to find a fix, and will post agian when I figure it out.

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There is in the new version of the plugin, which was released yesterday. You can limit the cloud with both a minimum number and a maximum number of posts per tag.

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I'm not sure why you would have gotten this error. I've done a dozen or so upgrades (using both the manual method and the automated method via the WP admin panel) and none have cause any issues. Try removing the tag_cloud folder (and the tag-cloud.php file if it's there) from the plugins folder via ftp and try uploading it again.

If it doesn't work after doing that, drop me a line via my contact form here and I'll see if I can help you get up and running.