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That was a nice bit of misdirection they did with blondie. I was with you Joel, thought she was infected for sure.

I'm hoping that, somewhere in the brainstorming for the series, that episode ended with everybody buying it in a bleak, horrible, sad way. I mean, if the show didn't do well, they could have had that ending ready to go.

Picture it: no one gets out, our battered band of characters are pounding on the glass of the outer doors. Then, instead of a huge explosion, there's a release of Halon gas that kills everything. Then maybe a slow burn of anything organic inside the building. Soot stains the windows, and one or two tendrils of black smoke leak out of the roof vents.

Final shot of the bodies of everyone we have come to care about, lying dead and desiccated on the floor of the CDC. Slow pull back of camera to outside of the building, which stands looking perfect, but deader inside than anything outside.

...what? Too Whedonesque?

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OMG OMG OMG YAY! (as the kids say it) Congratulations to two of my favorite online comic characters who are also real life people that i don't know but read about!

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Agreed, Joel. Agreed. Also, that's not a hat, it's a brain slug.

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Alan Tudyk spotted at 1:29 in the trailer. Woot! Yay! Woot I say again!

I was a *huge* fan of the original series (miniseries and (don't hate me) tv series too. I WAS A TEENAGE GIRL COME ON!). I wonder if this will hold up...At least if it doesn't we have Alan and Morena to look at. I can't wait to see her go all postal on someone the first time things go wrong.

not sure about the ship design...but hey, I'm oldskool, so what do I know about this newfangled special fx stuff?

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Bacon is an elder god.
Srsly. Josh's dish is like a turducken of delicious insanity!

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The smarmy look on the blow-up sheep gets me every time. Well done, again!

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Happy Joel kills Josh in fun and interesting ways. Good HE announcements hopefully make for Happy Joel! Yay!

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I've been having little fangasms about Watchmen for weeks now. Every time I see a commercial, every time a bus goes by with one of those beautiful long panel posters I get all giddy and have to jump up and down a little bit.

I've been typing "CANNOT.WAIT" and "OMGYAY!" an awful lot, too.

I will be at one of those midnight showings. On IMAX. That last bit was not my choice. I actually would prefer to see this one first on a regular screen, since IMAX tends to give me a headache and I think there's gonna be some fast motion scenes in this one where I don't want to miss a damn pixel.


Also, I'm afraid of what the actual look on Joel's face in that last panel might be (haunted? omgwtf? i-totally-called-that-happening?), so I'm kind of glad he's facing away from us.

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Comic = so much yay!
My thoughts on Bale = he's so *complicated*!

I listened to some of the remix stuff and it reminded me of something else that's pretty darn danceable. Seriously - it was played in the local clubs 'round these parts for a while. Have ya ever heard The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw? it's a remix that Kurt from Information Society did of a guy I know playing counterstrike. Never were the words "Goddamnit. Goddamnit! GODDAMNIT! FUCK!" ever so funny. Have a listen (very much not work safe):


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And Love Cats? Swingoth